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Reach Your Frontline Employees on the Go

Engagement with your frontline workers is now in the driver’s seat with LiveTiles Reach

Frontline workers in the transportation industry

Don’t sit at desks and are not typically online, thus creating barriers to communications. The frontline staff in the transportation industry often have trouble communicating because:

Internal communications are driven by emails and face-to-face meetings

They have a very complicated tech stack and slow internal communications tool

Relevant information is hard to find because the existing intranet has grown over the years.

Time to innovate the culture in the transportation industry

LiveTiles App can connect all frontline employees to the digital portal and is being driven by a generation of easy-to-use technology solutions that employees can access securely on their own mobile devices.

  • It creates significant opportunities for greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace that involves all staff, whether they are in the office or in the front lines.
  • It remains up-to-date in the future. The user is supported by a powerful search function to find people, files, and information quickly and easily.
  • It’s an enterprise-strength digital workplace tool that is highly configurable and personable, encourages collaboration, and integrates seamlessly with third-party applications.
  • It can connect with correct information at once and multiple communications sources from group-wide policies and procedures manuals to Yammer conversations.
  • Mobile-first solutions and customized, targeted channels can boost grassroots collaboration, and drive internal learning and communications at a local level which increases engagement and knowledge sharing across the sites.

Bring employees together

Connecting frontline workers via mobile app lets them access information and address issues anytime, anywhere. Strengthen company relationships and communications and improve engagement, feedback, and knowledge sharing. Give frontline employees a scalable, engaging technology to improve teamwork and transportation industry efficiency.

Join the ranks of other transportation organizations that have reaped significant benefits from employee digital transformation.

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