How to Transform Your Intranet

‘Digital workplace’ has certainly become a buzzword in today’s corporate environment. Digital settings are frequently touted as the answer to increase employee engagement, productivity, intranet collaboration and innovation.

But what is a digital workplace, and what can we expect for the future


Expert: Imran Uddin


“A Digital Workspace is a personalized environment, where there are a set of computerized devices, software programs and connectivity solutions that can help the individual in getting his job done in an efficient way.”

Imran Uddin is a digital marketing expert who has been working on blogs and websites for the last five years. According to Uddin, personalization is the key to transforming a simple intranet into an advanced digital workspace.

Personalization allows workers to quickly locate relevant files and projects. It also encourages file sharing and facilitates collaboration in ways that traditional intranets do not. Personalization can help organizations simplify their online security as well. When intranets are customized, it’s easy for companies to assign individualized permissions to varying employees. This can vastly improve online security.



As for the future of digital workplaces, Imran believes cloud storage, artificial intelligence and mobile first trends will continue to grow.

The huge availability of cheap online server space is driving companies to centralize their data storage in online environments, such as a company intranet. As this trend continues, the hardware and software of workstations will likely be optimized for cloud connection and productivity, which will eliminate data storage concerns.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to revolutionize worker productivity by predicting employees’ needs through past user activity. Consider a worker that needs to maintain an updated inventory record. In the future, the tools and applications needed may be readily available without any energy spent searching for the required information. As workers continue to generate data in everyday activies, more complex patterns can be identified.

Imran lastly mentions the concept of mobile first design. In the past, developers have approached desktop design as the main goal, and creating a mobile version was somewhat of a side project.  As digital consumption on mobile devices increases, and more businesses adopt a cross-platform intranet, there has been a drive to prioritize a fully functional, easy-to-use mobile site first.

Personalization has already revolutionized the digital workspace. As the technology continues to advance, Imran Ummin believes cloud storage, artificial intelligence and mobile first design will allow the digital workspace to take worker productivity and innovation to new heights.

About Imran Uddin:
Imran Uddin is a SEO/SMO and a Digital Marketing expert. He has been working on blogs and websites for approximately 5 years. He started his journey at the age of 18, and now builds and grows businesses online. His company runs multiple web portals, working on products that make people’s lives more comfortable. 

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