đź“Ł February 2024 Product Release: New Intranet AI Assistant, SharePoint Analytics, and More

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Intranet Content Targeting

Ensure relevancy with intranet content targeting

The concept of relevance is central to intranets. Create a personalized experience and save users time finding information by delivering ultra-targeted content.

Advanced Intranet Content Targeting Engine

Target content to specific audiences

With the LiveTiles’ Audiences module we’ve put the control over creating groups for content targeting in the hands of the intranet administrator. The module enables you to create own groups to target news, content in the mega menu, quick links etc. to any audience you can imagine.

  • Use AD Groups as well as groups created with the LiveTiles’ Audiences module to direct content to audiences that meet your specific criteria. 
  • Create static as well as dynamic audiences
    Retrieve members of the audience by using search queries or manually select members of the audience. 
  • Supported by all navigation and communication modules All LiveTiles’ modules for communication and navigation allow for targeting, so you can target content and navigation towards your specific groups, ensuring every part of your intranet is hyper- relevant for the user it’s displayed to.
LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet News Room screen example
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Intranet targeted content case study

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Each embassy can have their own site with content that is relevant for the organization.

  1. Fast and easy access to relevant content and internal resources. Find relevant and updated information. The Mistry of Foreign Affair’s, Denmark’s intranet delivers relevant content through better search and tagging.
  2. Personalized news feed and improved knowledge sharing through news channels and customized subscriptions.
  3. Clear distinction between need to know and nice to know in policies & procedures.

Functionality in the LiveTiles Intranet solution included:

  • Top menu enables easy access to services and information.
  • Corporate News included video news and news from senior management.
  • Personalized news feed with relevant news from a specific network or project group.
  • Profile completion enables profiles to be updated.
  • Extensive profile information with CVs.
  • Policies & Procedures: are categorized by the means of tags. Relevant and must read policies are highlighted
  • A map with graphic overview of all MFA representations in the world. Search lets users find embassies by search. Clicking on an embassy takes users to an embassy landing page.
  • Service portal helps users navigate and use functions of MFA’s intranet. Navigation Guidelines, Editorial Guidelines, FAQs
  • Good UX and IA experience, guiding users and editors to thoroughly understand the new intranet. 

The new intranet contains a lot of information and tools. For this reason, it was vital to create a solution that makes it simple for users to know which information they need to read and how to find it.

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