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Need a way to find people in your organisation quickly and efficiently? LiveTiles Directory has up-to-date information, is easy to implement, and has a great user experience.

Get to know your people by automating the entire collection of personnel data. Create a rich skills people finder, with role-based content targeting, and effective process automation.

How it works

LiveTiles’ Directory brings your company active directory to life by ensuring profile information is always complete and up-to-date. 

It improves IT service delivery, employee engagement, unlocks opportunities for greater personalization, and makes people information readily available to employees in employee profiles, the people and expertise directory, and an organizational diagram.


The LiveTiles Directory assistant continuously monitors directories for inconsistent, invalid, aged, and missing profile information.


Reports are generated to admins, and users are contacted, either via personalized email workflow requests or a chatbot conversation, to update missing or incorrect profile information.
The collected user information is written back to directories. For online deployments, as Azure is updated, other Microsoft 365 experiences such as SharePoint, Delve, Teams, and Exchange Online/Outlook are updated through the standard Microsoft synchronization process.

Connecting HR systems to the active Directory

Connectors for HR systems allow profile data to flow to AD, ADP and Microsoft 365 without the user needing to update their data in multiple places.
LiveTiles Active Directory screen examples
Active Directory dynamic organisational charts screen example

Always up-to-date profile information

Accurate employee information

Users can find always accurate information about people through LiveTiles’ three people directory web parts: the Profile, the Live Directory, and the Organizational chart. The web parts can be surfaced everywhere either as web parts or via iFrames.

People Directory configuration

As an admin, you configure the required profile information, fields, drop-downs, and data validation to ensure the employee information in your organization is consistent.

View people Directory trends

You can follow reports on users’ profile information and view trends in how well data is filled in for your people.

Easy to use integration framework

Through our Integration Framework, you can connect all systems where employee information lives, including your HRIS. Ensuring people information is synced and updated across.

It empowers the employees to take control of their profile. Essentially, crowdsourcing the upkeep of personal data, and removing the mundane burden from IT, but still with boundaries and controls.

Pete White IT Director, Identity, Messaging & Collaboration at Solera

Keep people data up-to-date in LiveTiles Directory

Our software continuously monitors your environment to ensure consistency and compliance as your organization changes.

Fight stale profile data

The LiveTiles Employee Directory Assistant understands what’s missing or incorrect and automatically starts a conversation with employees to collect and validate their information. When a user updates their information an employee directory assistant guides through the process. For example, when users update their photo, it will ensure there is only one face in the photo and block the ability to upload a cartoon, a pet, or other inappropriate content.

Remind users to fill out profile information

From the employee directory web part users will be visually reminded of how complete their profile information is and can click through to update it if required.

Consistent information

Administrators configure required fields, drop-downs, and data validation to ensure the employee information in your organization is consistent.

Approval flows

Enforce approvals before updates get pushed to Microsoft 365 for profile information that require more governance.

Differentiate profile information based on user groups

Administrators can set up different profile information for different collections of users. For instance, you can configure that all salespeople in the organization must specify their sales region.

Reach users in LiveTiles Directory with emails and bot conversations

Prompt users to update profile information with customized emails or bot conversations

When the LiveTiles profile directory assistant picks up profile data that needs to be updated users are contacted via email or a bot to either fill in information or approve/reject changes suggested by the directory assistant.

Completely tailor the profile update process

Create branded profile pages. Customize the profile update emails being sent and bot conversations being initiated. Set the tone of voice, add logos, and adjust their frequency.
Choose to prompt users by email or chatbot alone.

Let users personalize the email workflow request.

This is beneficial due to each person in the Directory having different needs, based on their day-to-day work schedules and tasks they need to complete.

hyperbot in the active directory

Find people

Save time by using the active directory to find people in different departments, via their roles.

LiveTiles Directory and data

Create reports from the data collected in the active Directory to make sure employee information is up-to-date.

Include company branding

Create branded, customised internal content for employees in the Active Directory and with communications.

Active Directory Group screenshots

Employee Profile

Expose missing profile information

The Profile web part makes it evident for users when profile information is missing and allows everyone to easily update their profiles. The web part is one of the three web parts included in LiveTiles’ People Directory software to make people information readily available. 

Update profile data with a single move

Update missing profile data straight from the page the web part is surfaced at. Allow users to navigate to their full profile page experience from their profile card.

Define unique profile data

Define unique business or organizational data to collect for your employee profiles and configure employee profile cards to display the information most important for your organization.

Expose on multiple platforms

Add to your SharePoint home page, to Teams, or to any other application as an iframe to ensure users are exposed to their missing profile information.

Live Directory

Quickly find the right people in the organization

Search your directory to explore information about coworkers and identify colleagues who can assist. The Live Directory is a powerful search tool that allows you to find colleagues through fine-meshed filtered search capabilities. Search to find colleagues and click on the compressed profile cards to view more information in full card views.

Generous profile information

See everything from basic contact details to information about peoples’ experience, interest, and skills. Our directory software enables you to truly connect and bring out the people in your organization.

Use the advanced people search to apply multiple filters

Quickly find the right people in the organization based on, for example, skills, expertise, or location. Any attribute being used within the People Directory software can be utilized as a filter on the web part to perform searches with.

Live Active Directory

The directory searches employee profiles — directly from the information’s source, not from an out of date search index.

Customizable attributes

Choose which information to display on both compressed profile cards and full card views . Attributes shown on employees’ profile cards are completely customizable and defined by the organization. 
Live active directory quick launch screen examples

Automated people profiles

Reduce manual work by automating the collection and maintenance of people profile.

System improvements

Improve IT responsiveness and delivery.

Unlock the value across Microsoft 365

With good people information you enable role-based content targeting. You unlock opportunities for greater personalization. You empower workflows that involve certain people taking action. And you allow people to connect with the right colleagues.

Organizational Chart

Visibility into all divisions and teams

Illustrate the hierarchical structure of an organization.

The Organizational Chart web part provides an interactive overview of a company’s organization and shows reporting lines. Click to expand the view and explore different divisions. 

Placed on a team site for a department or project team, the web part can be configured to show only the setup of the department or the team in question. 

Full visibility in the Organizational Chart

Provide everyone in your company visibility into all the divisions, teams and people with the org chart. Dive into all parts of the company by expanding or collapsing reporting lines.

Quick access to profile information

Click on a profile to access full information in the employee’s profile card.  

Customizable attributes in the Organizational Chart

As with other People Directory web parts, attributes shown on employees’ profile cards are completely customizable and defined by the organization. 

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