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LiveTilesX Conference June 2020

The LiveTilesX Customer Conference is an exclusive online event designed for our community of customers from all over the world. It aims to provide exclusive insights on the future direction of work and what this means for your digital workplace, based on what we are learning from our customers, partners, in-house experts and global market trends.

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LiveTilesX aims to support the LiveTiles customer community with exclusive information about our technology roadmap and how this can support your business or organisation to thrive.  We will be sharing the latest insights on how the future of work is being shaped by Covid19as well as solutions for enhancing employee experience, driving adoption of digital workplace solutions and accelerating internal communication and collaboration.  

LiveTilesX is the LiveTiles customer conference and thought leadership platform. At LiveTiles we believe that the world is a better place when people are free to do their greatest work. Our customers are at the core of everything we do and are our greatest motivation for constantly improving how we innovate, design, and deliver.

LiveTilesX is the platform dedicated to bringing all our community together, strengthening our ability to serve and co-innovate, while providing expertise and insights that enable our customers to thrive.

LiveTilesX takes place on both a regional and global basis throughout the year. We will be evolving the format so that anyone interested in the future of work can attend – watch this space!

During the LiveTilesX Customer Conference

  • An exclusive presentation from LiveTiles CEO Karl Redenbach on where the company is heading and how we are extending our services to better support our customers. 
  • An exclusive presentation from Chief Product Officer Simon Tyrell on the LiveTiles technology roadmap with a specific focus on how we have integrated acquired technologies such as Hyperfish, Wizdom and Cycl. 
  • Updates and presentations from Co-founder and CXO Peter Nguyen Brown; VP of People and Experience Vanessa Ferguson; CMO Nick Rameka and SVP for EMEA, Elaine Murphy. 
  • Showcasing Customer Stories and success stories and sharing tonnes of free and on-trial resources to help customers drive adoption and acceleration of MS Teams and much more. 





08.30 – 08.45 

LiveTiles X Customer Conference – Opening Session 

Dan Diefendorf 

08.45 – 09.00 

Creating the Future of Work together – presentation from LiveTiles Co-founders Karl Redenbach and Peter Nguyen Brown 

Karl Redenbach & Peter Nguyen-Brown 


The Future of Work is now: Exclusive Presentation of the LiveTiles roadmap  

Simon Tyrell, CPO 


LiveTiles Vibe: Update on Employee Wellbeing and knowing how to take a pulse check of your remote workforce. 

Vanessa Ferguson, Chief People and Experience Officer 




10.00 – 10.30 

Customer Showcase – learn about current success stories from LiveTiles’ customers and how specific challenges are being solved by LiveTiles solutions. 

Dave Salter, Director of Technology & Erin Stearns, VP Sales America 

10.30 – 11.00 

Co-innovation with Customers – Creating the Future of Work together: Hear about how LiveTiles co-creates cutting edge solutions based on the real-world business challenges of our customer community.  

David Salter, Director of Technology & Tim Swaag, LiveTiles Innovation Specialist. 

11.00 –  



Deeper Dive: Take a walk through the new LiveTiles demo environment and see first-hand our latest features and solutions to define the future of work and the intelligent workplace. 

Garry Sinclair, Senior Solution Specialist & Tim Swaag, Innovation Specialist. 

11.45 – 12.00 

Final Words and Next Steps: Closing Remarks and Q&A with LiveTiles customers. 

Dan Diefendorf, & Elaine Murphy, SVP EMEA 

Karl Redenbach,
Co-Founder and CEO LiveTiles
Leading tech innovator Karl is one of two co-founders of LiveTiles. Karl and Peter Nguyen-Brown were driven by a shared vision to create a platform that empowers users and fosters collaboration. What began as a friendship evolved into a rapidly growing global tech business.
Nick Rameka,
Chief Marketing Officer at LiveTiles
He’s the marketing mastermind responsible for LiveTiles’ look, feel, and fabulous flavor. Nick’s experience is in developing customer experiences; marketing strategies; brand management; agency management, and up and coming talent.
Pete Nguyen-Brown,
Co-founder and CXO of LiveTiles, Creator of LiveSmiles
One of the co-founders of LiveTiles and creator of the LiveSmiles wellness movement, Pete is as passionate about wellbeing and happiness as he is about tech innovation.
Simon Tyrrell,
Chief Product Officer at LiveTiles
Simon is in charge of defining and implementing the strategy for LiveTiles’s global products to keep our company at the cutting edge. Simon works across LiveTiles’ sales, marketing, and product development teams and has a deep passion for the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors.
Owen Brandt,
Owen leads LiveTiles in the Asia Pacific region and is a key member of the global senior management team. Known for his keen market analysis and industry experience, Owen is a much sought-after industry speaker and a hardcore IT pro who loves nothing better than to connect with organisations to discuss their employee experience challenges.
More speakers coming soon! In the meantime, here are some of the experts who spoke at our last LiveTilesX event.
Garry Sinclair,
Senior Solution Specialist at LiveTiles
Garry helps organizations get the most out of Microsoft 365 by designing solutions based on Azure, MS Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform. He has an excellent track record in designing Digital Workplace solutions, helping customers get from kick-off to go-live using a structured approach with minimal fuss.
Elaine Murphy,
Senior Vice President, EMEA Operations at LiveTiles
Elaine is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of successful customer experience and sales transformations across a variety of industries. She is happiest when providing in-service delivery, operations and strategic management, and problem solving.
Tim Swagg,
Senior Account Executive at LiveTiles
Innovation specialist Tim is a digital workplace expert and frequent conference speaker and assists clients with smart solutions, like automated bots and intelligent intranets.
David Salter,
Director, Presales at LiveTiles
With more than a decade of experience in software development, consultancy, and management in the Microsoft space, David’s calling is helping LiveTiles’ partners and customers understand the value of intelligent transformation.
Vanessa Ferguson,
Senior Vice President of People and Experience at LiveTiles
LiveTiles is devoted to helping LiveTiles staff stay happy and healthy inside and outside the office. Vanessa is instrumental in leading LiveTiles’ commitment to its people, taking care of onboarding, HR policies, workplace safety, and more.
Erin Stearns,
Vice President of Sales, Americas, LiveTiles
Erin is a natural leader who is focused on helping customers transform their business by enabling tech to work for them. Her passions center around enacting digital transformations and showcasing the power of artificial intelligence to the business world.

Customer Resources

The LiveTilesX Customer Conference is an exclusive online event designed for our community of customers from all over the world.

LiveTilesX Video Recordings

July 2020

LiveTiles President Dan Diefendorf welcomes participants and sets the scene for what to expect during the conference.

Hear first-hand from LiveTiles Co-Founders, CEO Karl Redenbach and CXO Peter Nguyen-Brown on where the company is heading and how we are extending our services to better support our customers..

Chief Product Officer Simon Tyrrell explains his vision for our product suite and how we are going to achieve it.

Vice President of People and Experience, Vanessa Fergusson shares some exciting news about a new product we call LiveTiles Vibe. This product will assist businesses to check in with their staff, now that many of them are working remotely, but it also has many other applications.

Director of Technology, David Salter, and VP of USA Sales, Erin Stearns showcase some of the solutions that have been implemented with our customers.

Customer Solutions Specialists, Tim Swaag and Garry Sinclair take you on a deep dive into our entire product suite. If you ever wanted to know how our products integrate to provide you with a complete intelligent workplace, you need to watch this demo.

President, Dan Diefendorf, wraps the conference up and welcomes everyone to continue on the journey with LiveTilesX.