With the immense size and complexity of the Microsoft Ecosystem, it’s easy to miss some of the tools and their incredible capabilities – particularly when it comes to integrations with third-party software. Here’s how to get the most out of your investment in the employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, and provide your employees with a unified digital workplace with LiveTiles.

For almost ten years, LiveTiles has provided organisations and their people with an employee experience platform as a core part of a digital workplace. In 2021, Microsoft launched Microsoft Viva, bringing together integrations and processes from SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams. The combination of Microsoft Viva with LiveTiles provides an unbeatable digital employee experience, with industry-shattering user adoption.

Microsoft Viva Connections with LiveTiles Reach

Watercoolers were yesterday. Employee communication is now online, but that doesn’t mean a loss of interpersonal communication or employee camaraderie. You may not be in the same building—or even the same city—as your colleague, but you can still communicate and collaborate in ways that are both social and engaging.

One of the features our customers find most valuable is the ability to deliver highly targeted communications to their employees, based on role, location, or team. Whether you want to send information about an upcoming event, a video message from the CEO, create a customer success story, or share an amusing GIF with a colleague to brighten their day – it’s all possible with LiveTiles Reach via desktop, tablet or mobile-first experiences.

Stay up to date with LiveTiles Governance

One of the biggest issues companies have with a digital workspace is keeping the information up to date, particularly when it comes to mandatory company policies, such as a Code of Conduct policy, or an Equal Opportunities or Diversity Policy.

With the LiveTiles Governance feature, you can set audit and expiry dates for information. To ensure that someone is always responsible for the information, each page has a designated owner who can update or archive the page. These pages, for example, obligatory policies that must be read and confirmed by the employee, can be pushed out to all or specific employees, as defined by the user profile. Managers will also be able to easily track who has read (or not) the policies and procedures relevant to them.

Extend Viva capabilities with LiveTiles Directory

To use Microsoft 365 and Viva effectively, it’s critical that the employee profile data is kept up to date. Not only does this ensure that company-wide standards are upheld, but it also ensures that your team can identify and reach out to the person they need for their project. And it dramatically reduces the workload for your HR and IT teams.

Built for Microsoft 365 and Teams, the LiveTiles Directory can be deployed right in the Teams navigation panel, making it even easier for your employees to access complete and accurate People and/or Skills search, and explore the most recent Organizational Chart. Oh, and that Org Chart—it’s updated automatically, of course, so it’s always accurate, as your company grows and evolves.

Check up on your team with LiveTiles Vibe

How do you support your team and detect potential issues before they become full-blown problems? Especially in a remote working environment. Microsoft Viva provides managers with insights and recommendations to foster healthy teams.

At LiveTiles, we worked with workplace psychology experts to develop LiveTiles Vibe. A quick and fun way to check the pulse of your team, no matter where they live and work. Vibes are simple, fun, and interactive cards that can be sent to an individual or group of employees via Outlook or Teams. These quick check-ins provide managers with powerful and actionable analytics.

Recognizable – and familiar – branding boosts employee engagement

Does your digital workspace look familiar, or does it have a generic look and feel, making it indistinguishable from countless other internal company sites? You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and brainpower creating a recognizable brand. Your employees deserve to feel just at home on their internal collaboration and communication platform as your customers do on the external company website.

LiveTiles makes it easy for you to align with your organization’s unique brand identity, without the need for custom CSS. Custom themes and templates provide tailored UI and branding and ensure consistency across all your digital channels. The consumer-grade user interface in a clean and cohesive look makes it easy and intuitive for your employees to use and, importantly, it’s all on-brand!

True to our credo of providing a human-centric digital workplace, we provide our customers with a tool that puts their employees first, and brings the information to them. Our features extend the capabilities of Microsoft Viva, improving the employee experience, and boosting engagement.

Do you want to know more?  Get in touch today. Or come and chat with us at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London from 15 – 16th May 2023.

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