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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Microsoft Project Cortex: The new brains trust

The cerebral cortex is the control centre of the brain, and Microsoft Project Cortex is the new control centre of your Microsoft digital workplace. 

LiveTiles and Richard Harbridge, Microsoft 365 MVP and CTO of 2toLead, came together to present the “Optimizing organizational knowledge with Project Cortex and the Microsoft 365 digital workplace” webinar. 

The webinar covers: 

  • Best practices on modern knowledge management. 
  • How the continued innovation from Microsoft can be best reconciled with enterprise intranet and digital workplace needs. 
  • How organizations can provide contextual and dynamic topic cards, expertise mapping, pages, topic centres, and more, using real behaviour-based data from Microsoft Graph and Azure innovation. 

“Digital excellence is driven through a really good digital hub and digital workplace design,” Richard said.  

“If we don’t take the effort to design and implement these things, then we’re missing out on huge benefits.”  

It’s no secret that organizations today are feeling volatility from the market.  

“In a world of rapid change, harnessing knowledge and insights empowers people to act quickly and organizations to be more resilient,” Richard said. 

Microsoft’s Project Cortex is here to make digital workplaces more powerful.  

Project Cortex has three core abilities: 

  1. Automatically identifying and organizing topics across content and conversations. 
  1. Leveraging experts in your organization. 
  1. Connecting topics with resources and expertise and surfacing them in the flow of work. 

You’ve heard of staff cards. Get ready for topic cards. 

One of the coolest things about Project Cortex is how it uses staff data. 

“We’ve seen a lot of organizations start to really rethink how they get more out of people profiles.  

“This is something LiveTiles has a lot of experience with.  

LiveTiles Quantum which allows you to do a lot of this amazing stuff on auto applying fields for users and making it easier for users to fill out their profiles,” Richard explained. 

Project Cortex can automatically identify and leverage experts and expertise. It can even connect topics with resources in the flow of user’s work. 

“Contextually, in my normal flow of work, there’s terms that are being presented to me,” Richard said.  

“If I have questions about them all I do is hover over the terms, see the content card with names, links, and resources, and then I can engage with it.” 

Watch the “Optimizing organizational knowledge with Project Cortex and the Microsoft 365 digital workplace” webinar here 

Find out more about Livetiles’ next generation workplace tech here.

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