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These partners demonstrate the highest levels of certification, commitment and capabilities for our platform.

Find an outstanding technology partner with unique IP that has already integrated into the LiveTiles platform.

Our amazing global network of implementation partners that deliver amazing customer experiences and access to our complete platform.

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Accelerating Employee Onboarding & Your Hybrid Workplace With Microsoft 365

Join us and learn how you can deepen your existing technology investment to support employee onboarding and your hybrid workplace.

May 11, 2021

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Microsoft Teams is so much more than audio and video: The power of Microsoft Teams as a total platform

Don’t miss our upcoming Microsoft Teams webinar! On Wednesday, March 24 at 16:00 (CET), Microsoft and LiveTiles, joined by Mixit

Recording coming soon.

5 ways employee profiles drive remote workforce engagement

Remote workforce engagement is essential to keeping company culture alive and creating a more connected workplace. Join us for a

On-demand Webinar

Increase engagement with frontline employees

The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear once again how important communication is for your organization, especially frontline worker communications.

On-demand Webinar

Teams as a Platform: Teams as your central workplace

Microsoft Teams collaboration has become essential to all employees working remotely. It truly is the platform that, in these difficult times, helps

On-demand Webinar

Supercharging Your Workplace Collaboration Series

In this 8-part series we’ll tackle the big questions around how LiveTiles can Supercharge your workplace collaboration! From super charging

Recordings coming soon.

Can Microsoft Teams replace your intranet?

Hear from Microsoft and LiveTiles tech experts on how to personalize your employee communications experience in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams

6 key considerations to successfully communicate with your firstline

Firstline worker communications is now essential. Join us for a conversation on how to deliver personalized communications and better employee

On-demand Webinar

Learn how to bring frontline workers into the Digital Workplace

For frontline workers, COVID-19 has led to massive acceleration in the digitalisation of work and brought the importance of employee

On-demand Webinar

Microsoft Teams for Government Series

In this Microsoft Teams for government 4-part series we tackle the big questions around getting the most out of Microsoft

On-demand Webinar Series

Power up your small to medium business

Join our workforce empowerment series. If  you are running a small to medium business, chance are things have been tricky

On-demand Webinar Series

Digital Excellence & Digital Adoption: Microsoft 365 Best Practices

Today organizations are grappling with an evolving digital landscape leading from increased organization and user expectations and an increasingly complex

On-demand Webinar

Microsoft Teams: Your one-stop learning and productivity shop

Microsoft Teams productivity is at the forefront of millions of workers minds as it has become a permanent part of

On-demand Webinar

Verandering? Zet de medewerker centraal!

Procesveranderingen in organisaties betekenen voor ieder individu iets anders. Bij het opzetten van een adoptiestrategie en proces voor het doorvoeren

Webinar op aanvraag

Op naar optimale productiviteit

Werk slimmer, niet harder, door jouw digitale werkplek persoonlijker en eenvoudiger te maken. Veel organisaties hebben de stap genomen naar

Webinar op aanvraag

Omarm de verandering

Leer hoe succesvol om te gaan met organisatieveranderingen en digitale transformatie in het Nieuwe Normaal. Vanuit het partnership van Mixit

Webinar op aanvraag

Do you still need an intranet? The future of the digital workplace and employee experience.

Join our upcoming webinar with Clearbox Consulting to hear expert tips on how you can deliver a better digital employee

On-demand Webinar

3 key factors to onboarding and retaining your remote workforce

Join HR consultant and people management expert, Lisa Bouchard, to learn key factors for retaining remote employees. Today’s environment requires

On-demand Webinar

Can Microsoft Teams Really Be Your Intranet?

Microsoft Teams now has 75 million daily active users! It’s no longer just an upgraded Skype for Business! With so

On-demand Webinar

Recording available soon.

Five essential capabilities for communicating with the firstline

Join us and learn how we can help you keep your firstline workforce engaged, with consistent and personalized communications. Companies

On-demand Webinar

What makes a world class Microsoft 365 intranet & digital workplace?

Many organizations have accelerated their transformation to cloud enabled and powered Microsoft 365 digital workplaces. While technologies like Microsoft Teams

On-demand Webinar

Live Demo: The mobile communications app your staff need right now

Join us and learn why supporting your remote workforce with a mobile application is an essential strategy in today’s business

On-demand Webinar

Recording available soon

Optimizing organizational knowledge with Project Cortex & the Microsoft 365 digital workplace

In a world of rapid change, harnessing knowledge and insights empowers people to act quickly, and organizations to be more

On-demand Webinar

Where to begin with onboarding your remote workforce

Join us and learn why your remote workforce is essential to today’s business environment and what your company needs to

On-demand Webinar

Recording available soon

So, You’ve Launched Microsoft Teams. Now What?

Join Clearbox’s Sam Marshall for our special upcoming webinar about how to drive and accelerate Teams adoption and governance to

On-Demand Webinar

What happens when the remote working novelty wears off?

There was a bit of excitement and nervous energy when businesses were required to send their workforce home. Setting up

On-Demand Webinar

MS Teams Phase 2: From video conferencing to a thriving hub of productivity

With over 75 million daily users, Microsoft Teams has cemented itself as a vital part of our work lives. Since

On-demand Webinar

Recording available soon

How to Deliver a Kick-A$$ Learning Management Platform in Office 365

Training isn’t just important to any company, it’s vital.  Recent studies show there’s a strong correlation of effective and ongoing

On-Demand Webinar

Who benefits most from a remote workforce model?

For many businesses, the temporary remote working arrangements they were forced to implement as a result of COVID-19 struck may

Reinventing Your Business in the Post-COVID Age

As the business world gets ready to face the reality of a post-COVID world,it’s clear there will be many new

On-Demand Webinar

Where to from here? Taking a positive approach to business in the new world.

We are starting to see a shift in the global response towards COVID-19. We are slowly transitioning from crisis response

On-Demand Webinar

Can Teams Really Be Your Intranet?

Microsoft Teams now has 75 million daily active users, adding 31 million in just over a month. It’s no longer

On-Demand Webinar

Tackling the Top Three Construction Team Challenges

Poor communication, difficult collaboration, and compartmentalization of critical resources are all challenges that construction organizations experience. This leads to low

On-Demand Webinar

Remote working the right way: How to ensure best practices

Communicating with a remote workforce has its challenges, but what if remote working is here to stay? Have you set

On-Demand Webinar

Time to check in with your employees’ well-being

With employees working in isolation from their home, employee health and well-being is a serious issue for companies. For this

On-Demand Webinar

MS Teams: From Crisis to Control

The global shift to working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis has led to unprecedented growth in the use

On-Demand Webinar

Why Employee Profiles are Critical for Remote Collaboration

The era of remote work has arrived. Gone are the days of turning to your cube neighbor and asking “Who

On-Demand Webinar

Chasing Microsoft Teams Nirvana

With businesses scrambling to find ways to run their operations remotely, Microsoft Teams is the solution for many CIOs. If

On-Demand Webinar

Keep education moving in the new world

Working from home is our new normal. And if you’ve got children, you’re probably also struggling with the world of

On-Demand Webinar

Building a Global Marketing Team in a Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times, and the business world is a challenging place right now. In times of crisis,

On-Demand Webinar


LiveTiles partners with Canva to accelerate global growth

LiveTiles has partnered with Canva, the world’s leader in empowering people to create compelling, data-rich visuals. The partnership supports the aggressive growth plans of both companies and creates new opportunities to drive further revenue and user growth, leveraging the tens of millions of combined active users.
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