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Product Update: LiveTiles Mosaic App Changes in June 2020

We’ve recently been reviewing LiveTiles Mosaic and how it fits within the product suite at LiveTiles. A decision has been made to deprecate the LiveTiles Mosaic app, but to give you the full version of the LiveTiles Page Designer commercial app for free! There will be some manual transferring of content required, but we’ve written a help article to guide through the journey of upgrading from Mosaic to Page Designer. 

Why is Mosaic being deprecated? 

This decision was made to consolidate Mosaic into Page Designer, which is a very similar product. This will allow users to get the immediate benefit of some increased functionality, and the ongoing benefits of the more frequent updates associated with Page Designer.

When do I need to act? 

We will be deprecating LiveTiles Mosaic in June of 2020, which will give you time to transfer content over to the Page Designer app. 

What do I need to do? 

When installing the new Page Designer app, it will create a LiveTiles Design subsite. Content will have to be transferred over manually from the LiveTiles Mosaic subsite to the LiveTiles Design subsite. This means content will need to be resaved into the LiveTiles Design subsite or exported from Mosaic and imported into Page Designer. Your current registration keys will be usable in Page Designer, so new keys are not necessary. Your registration key can be found in the LiveTiles Mosaic subsite site contents, under SiteData. 

Is there an article to help understand the steps required? 

Please ensure you make plans to switch your content over to LiveTiles Page Designer by June 2020. 

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