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Policies & Procedures

Making sure employees within your organization have access to relevant documents

LiveTiles’ Policies & Procedures module brings instructions and procedures to the intranet. Enabling users to find relevant and updated guidelines from intranet pages that are continuously updated.

Policies & Procedures for Intranet Content Governance

One tool for all corporate policies & procedures

Offering advanced governance features and intuitive editor tools, the Policies & Procedures module enables you to make all types of policies and procedures readily available on your intranet.

From standard operation procedures over global and local employee handbooks, IT security policy procedures, HR self-service, safety regulations, and more, the Policies & Procedures module includes the features you need to help staff stay effortlessly compliant.
Intranet content governance with LiveTiles
Intranet content governance

Intranet Content Governance and Compliance Made Simple

Editors create and maintain organizational guidelines, handbooks, or manuals on intranet CMS pages. Each version of a policy page is stored. This enables you to retrieve older versions of a policy.
Use built-in governance tools to set audit and expiration date for all guidelines, audience target instructions, and ensure all content is owned and maintained by at least one employee. Employees get an instant overview of all guidelines within a field and can search and filter to find specific instructions.
Audience targeting provides each employee with personal notifications of mandatory and recommended reads. Notifications can be brought on SharePoint pages or in LiveTiles’ Everywhere Panel across SharePoint and MS Teams. Track and confirm on page version level that critical information is read by every employee.

LiveTiles diagnosed a multi-layered remedy: A dose of Microsoft Teams, a course of Teams governance, a custom video, a bot, and a good shot of expert support.

Intranet content and governance screensot

Built-in content governance
and compliance

Intranet Content Governance made simple

Ensure staff are compliant

Employees are automatically notified of policies that are mandatory or recommended to read. A built-in page control will prompt employees to actively confirm they have read mandatory content.

Delegated content contact and owner

Policy pages include fields to define page contact as well as primary and secondary owner.

Content life-cycle

All policy pages are born with dates for review and validation. The page contact will be notified whenever a policy page is up for review.


When a policy page has been edited, the page will be published in a new version. All versions of a policy page is stored. This enables you to track and document changes to a policy page.

Compliance report

The included compliance report lets intranet admins track whether critical information and new versions of policy pages are read by all employees. The report provides detailed information and enables you to single out employees that need a reminder to read certain policies.

Improve findability with the Policies & Procedures web parts.

Help users find relevant policies

The configurable overview web part, including search and filtering, enables users to find specific policies and get an overview of all policies within an area.


Bring important policies to the attention of employees. 

The Policies & Procedures web parts notify users of mandatory polices they have not yet read and policies they are encouraged to read.

Notifications and Alerts

Making sure employees know they need to check a policy and procedure, or if they need to review and approve content, based on relevant user permissions

Policies & Procedures

Dedicated Policy and Procedure web parts enables your critical intranet content to be governed without worry. Making it easy for your employees to remain compliant

Compliance Reporting

Check that you are remaining compliant at all times with compliance reporting. It's an integrated functionality enabling you to keep an eye on governance and compliancy

Forget User for GDPR Compliance

Ensure GDPR Compliancy by meeting the principle of the right to be forgotten

Forget User

GDPR defines a new standard for how personal data is handled. The Forget User module enables you to meet the GDPR principle of the right to be forgotten by enabling users to be completely forgotten in the LiveTiles’ product.

The module anonymizes selected user(s)’ full name and email where these data appear in the database of your solution. This means, that for all GDPR purposes, that person’s information is no longer stored, and any content the user has provided will have ‘unknown’ as the author.

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