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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles


Connect your employees wherever they work

Bring your people, internal comms, and essential information together with our employee app for frontline, office and hybrid workers.


Connect your employees wherever they work

Bring your people, internal comms, and essential information together with our employee app for frontline, office and hybrid workers.

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

A digital Workplace, in your pocket

Reach is designed to live up to your vision for employee engagement, boosting user adoption with enterprise-grade connectivity and security. Engage your employees with company news and connect them with social posts. Provide structured content and knowledge in pages, and foster communication, learning, and skills sharing via the people directory.

Access on Any Device Icon

Access on any device

Connect with your employees on the desktop and mobile. Reach also enables you to expand your corporate communications to external parties such as contractors, vendors, and partners.

Integrated with M365 Icon

Integrated with M365

Authenticate through Azure AD or register independently. Our Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online connectors facilitate employee communication in their workspace.

for the Hybrid Workforce Icon

For the hybrid workforce

With a secure, platform agnostic, and enterprise-ready design, Reach offers a simple, accessible and multi-channel platform that reaches all of your employees, wherever they work.

Improve employee engagement and retention

LiveTiles Reach streamlines communication to enhance employee connectivity and engagement. Reach promotes a cohesive and collaborative company culture through top-down and bottom-up communications.

Empower your employees to connect, collaborate, and increase productivity with our simplified solution for sharing important company updates, collaborating on projects, and team communication.

  • Give employees a voice with social features and support for auto-translations.
  • Target content to specific audiences and user groups
  • Connect all employees by corporate or private email
Improve Employee Engagement and Retention
Centrally Manage Your Content

Centrally manage your content

Access all your training, onboarding materials, policies, shift schedules, and important documents with ease, all in one place through LiveTiles Reach.

Reach also enables you to tailor communications for relevance by location, role, department, or project, while read confirmations, compliance tracking, and urgency indicators ensure no crucial information goes unnoticed.

  • Dynamically update content in one location
  • Structure, navigate and find information quickly
  • Access your work essentials anywhere with a pocket intranet

Streamlined engagement on all devices

Streamline your communication processes and empower your workforce with the information they need to succeed.

Our customizable mobile apps for iOS and Android offer push notifications for critical content, and employees have control over personalization of content and alerts.

  • Consumer-grade, responsive UX across both mobile and browser experiences.
  • Branded mobile apps for iOS and Android with push notifications for critical content.
  • Employee-controlled personalization of content and alert preferences.
Streamlined engagement on all devices

Employee Engagement Features

With LiveTiles Reach, your team can stay connected and engaged like never before. Our app is packed with features that make it easy for your employees to find each other, share news and updates, and stay informed about events happening throughout your organization. Plus, with the auto-translation feature that supports over 70 languages, your team can communicate effectively, regardless of their language background.


Publish visually appealing articles to all employees, tailored to their preferences. Target news based on location, department, seniority, or other categories for increased relevance and engagement.


Communication not only happens top-down, but also bottom-up. Enable all employees to share information within the company. Our intuitive rich-media editor enables knowledge sharing via links, pictures and videos to specific channels and teams or with the whole organization.


Easily make important resources, such as employee manuals, safety guidelines, and product information, accessible to all your employees where they need them. Reach pages provide a structured and intuitive way to share knowledge with staff who are always on the go.


Accelerate your events with our LiveTiles Employee Communications App. Whether you’re looking to host onboarding events, corporate training or town halls, having your events promoted, run and managed centrally makes it easy for you and your workforce.

Create News, Page, Post Guidance Screenshot
People & Expertise Directory

People & Expertise Directory

Employees can easily find the right contacts and connect with them by phone, email, chat, or start a Microsoft Teams conversation. Our integration with Azure AD and Azure AD B2C, brings your contractors, freelancers and business partners into your directory for safe and secure communications.

SharePoint Integration

Our improved SharePoint integration now includes specialized web parts for seamless integration of pages, posts, news and events into the platform. Enjoy a rich content creation and editing experience, complete with commenting and other interactions, all within the web parts.

Integrations & Plugins

Effortlessly integrate Reach with your existing systems using our webhooks module and API. Get up and running quickly with seamless integration into Microsoft Teams. And, elevate the editing experience by embedding custom content and plugins for improved presentation and engagement.

Analytics for Internal Comms

Gain valuable insights into how your employees are engaging with your communications, and use those insights to optimize your communication strategy. Our platform provides the tools and analytics you need to understand what content resonates with your users, so you can deliver targeted communications that matter to them.

  • Monitor employee engagement
  • Visualize employee interactions using heatmaps
  • Understand your audience’s behavior
Analytics for Internal Comms
Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Increase employee engagement while ensuring data privacy and security.

LiveTiles is hosted in highly-protected Microsoft Azure data centers across the globe, to suit your data residency requirements and follows strict security guidelines to ensure your data’s privacy. With our user-friendly platform, content management and distribution become a breeze, while our disaster recovery and business continuity plan guarantees constant uptime.

  • Authentication via Azure Active Directory or Azure Active Directory B2C
  • LiveTiles services are operated and hosted within Europe, ensuring compliance with the GDPR
  • Cross-tenant access with Azure AD External Identities

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