Inventory Tracking Chatbot To Control Your Stock

Digital retail trends have brought to the foreground an explosion of different kinds of retail software, including inventory management software and supply chain tracking systems, not to mention your standard business collaboration tools like Office 365.

Using LiveTiles Bots, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to bring your inventory tracking, supply chain tracking, and staff management systems up to your fingertips to form a retail store management system on command. Using no code, you can configure a bot (or even multiple bots!) to interrogate these disparate sources of information.

For example, you could create a bot that can return the most current inventory numbers for a SKU, as well as the expected shipments arriving that day or week, and the contents of those shipments. With LiveTiles Bots’ natural language interface, this is as easy as dragging and dropping an Excel ability linking it to a shared shipment tracking spreadsheet, or creating a custom ability tied to another system.

You could configure that same bot so a location manager can see at a glance how many staff he or she has on the floor that day – perhaps by enabling a link to Microsoft Staff Hub – particularly important for managing the ebb and flow scheduled sales and seasonal workers. Or, to make each bot more efficient, simply configure a second bot to manage staff schedules – deployable to over ten channels in a matter of minutes.

LiveTiles Bots is a no-code bot builder powered by Microsoft Azure, which enables all types of users to build chatbots with only what abilities they need. Even the specific words the bot recognizes as attributed to a command can be tailored, so you can teach a bot to recognize geographic or brand specific terms for your retail location – all without code. The LiveTiles inventory tracking chatbot allows you to tap into new opportunities that make retail management more efficient so you can reallocate manpower to other matters that require more time and effort.

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