Revolutionize frontline engagement, and supercharge the employee experience

Future-proof your business, revolutionize frontline engagement, and supercharge the employee experience: LiveTiles’ latest whitepaper outlines the strategy to succeed during “business unusual”  

COVID-19 meant big changes for business. Frontline workers, always highly valued, became truly indispensable.  

Frontline staff aren’t the only “deskless” workers now, with 48% of employees preferring to continue to work from home, even after the risk of COVID lifts. Those staff who were fixtures of the office now won’t be there – at least not all the time. 

All signs suggest we will continue to work in “business unusual” for the foreseeable future. 

This presents an obvious challenge for businesses: how is it possible to keep all staff engaged? With workers on the frontline in industries like healthcare, mining, construction, and retail, AND staff with the popular new hybrid schedule of office and home? Workers will need to be particularly engaged. How is it possible to keep the team together? 

LiveTiles’ latest whitepaper will give you the insights and practical steps to tackle these communications challenges.  

Improving the employee experience for frontline workers - Construction worker in a hard hat

Our latest whitepaper,The Power of Employee Communications: From Frontline Engagement to Digital Transformation, includes statistics and insights to help senior stakeholders and practitioners create a successful employee communications strategy.    

This free whitepaper shows you exactly how an employee app can keep your staff connected, no matter where they work, increasing productivity and supporting their wellbeing.    

“The Power of Employee Communications: From Frontline Engagement to Digital Transformation” covers 

  1. Driving digital transformation  
  2. Future proofing for the hybrid workplace  
  3. Revolutionizing frontline engagement  
  4. Delivering the mobile-first digital workplace  
  5. Empowering the employee voice  
  6. Supercharging employee experience  

Learn how to future-proof your business, revolutionise frontline engagement, and supercharge the employee experience. Download the whitepaper for free today.  

Need more expert advice? Get in touch with our leading tech-perts at any time.     

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