3 Steps to Streamline Your Workplace with SharePoint

Published by: Stephanie Jones

Researched by: Ameir Abouelela

Feeling a little scattered?

With so many options for digital management software, modern offices can feel increasingly overwhelmed keeping track of each tool, application and network supposedly designed to streamline productivity in their digital workplace.

If you’re teetering on the edge of management stability, Office 365 has you covered. SharePoint offers a platform that combines a number of digital management features in one optimized system. These features include intranets for a company’s internal work base, extranets that promote communication between partner companies, website creation and content management, document sharing and collaboration, business intelligence and day-to-day workflow management.

In other words, adopting SharePoint significantly reduces daily hair-tearing and face-palming. More specifically, the platform allows you and your workers to update, maintain and share internal data instantly, from anywhere in the world.




Expert: Akfash Latibu
Site: Tech One Global Ltd




“Today people work from everywhere, from home to a coffee shop; as long as they have internet connectivity, they tend to do some sort of work. And usage of multiple devices across different platforms and browsers [simplifies the process]. SharePoint Online provides access to corporate data from anywhere, using any device, which helps the employees to do their work.”

So what are the benefits of using SharePoint? Anywhere-access has become a staple for organizations, providing the easiest solutions for working in a rapid and efficient manner. More and more people are working outside the office; SharePoint allows for such flexibility, and can provide a different dynamic for work life balance.


Source: https://www.intelogy.co.uk/images/default-source/blog-images/sharepoint-misconceptions-3.png

Part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint ensures users enjoy all the benefits shared by the entire application aggregation. “[SharePoint] is always up to date,” says Latibu. “Office 365 contains the latest and greatest features released by Microsoft.” In his professional opinion, these cutting-edge features help increase user productivity in the following ways.

Latibu’s 3  Steps to Success:

1. Reliability
Office 365 is backed by a 99.9% SLA by Microsoft.

2. Security
Adhering to a number worldwide standards, Office 365 remains up-to-date on the most effective industry standards and security policies.

3. Less Capital Expenditure, more Operational Expenditure
Office 365’s latest model has changed from CAPEX to OPEX, switching data storage over to the cloud, so your business will spend less time, energy and money on setting up hardware, developing infrastructure and hiring skilled IT personnel for management and maintenance.

You might be wondering, if SharePoint is revolutionizing the way coworkers interact with each other in the digital workplace, is there any remaining use for file servers?

“Ten years ago, [file servers were] the ideal solution, and there were many benefits to [discuss],” Latibu says. “However, today with the internet usage burst, [they] may not be the ideal solution. With an in-house file server, management, administration, external access, security, backup, storage, compliance, etc. become cumbersome and expensive.”

The smart choice? “SharePoint Online is by far the best recommended solution,” says Latibu. “It [provides] secure, reliable, cost-efficient anywhere-access, and a compliant solution that [will] help [businesses] reach the next level.”

In 2016, the question no longer covers whether file servers need a makeover, but challenges whether they still can deliver optimal results. SharePoint’s features surpass those of files servers, obliterating the notion of disjointed internal management, and allowing you to achieve reliable, secure and cooperative results at a high-speed pace for your rapidly growing enterprise.

We’d like to thank Akfash Latibu for his industry expertise.

About Akfash Latibu:
Akfash Latibu is a solutions-focused, team oriented Technology Advisor with broad-based experience and hands-on skills in various roles, including technical consulting, technical sales, customer support, training, product management and educational program management. He has established relationships with major accounts and channels of the IT industry, both local and international.

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