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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

Sharepoint Goes Mobile

This June, the collaboration and content management platform SharePoint is going everywhere. Since its launch 15 years ago, the SharePoint intranet framework set a new standard for the way organizations connect and share information online, and soon this toolset will be available for mobile use on iOS and Android devices.

Sharepoint Goes Mobile

SharePoint Mobile is more than just a version of the platform you can take on the go. Several innovative new features make it an even more convenient way to increase productivity. Thanks to the web developers behind Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Mobile has been designed to prioritize information with a content strategy to suit your needs.

As you work, the service learns who you collaborate with the most and which SharePoint sites are most applicable to them. With this information, the app sorts your contacts accordingly, making the most relevant ones instantly accessible.

Sharepoint Goes MobileSource: https://www.crowcanyon.com/blogs/sharepoint_2016_info/

But this new mobile app is just the tip of the technological iceberg for what Microsoft plans to deliver later this year. These changes come with a cleaner UX interface that emphasizes high-resolution images and stunning website design.

The app also features enhanced security options, so administrators can deny access to mobile devices that seem suspicious. This is all part of a greater plan to compete with similar platforms Slack and Dropbox, boosting Microsoft’s name in the productivity and communication game.

SharePoint Mobile takes advantage of the ubiquity of smartphones and combines it with the original SharePoint’s ease of use, making it a great resource for classrooms and boardrooms alike.

The iOS version of SharePoint Mobile is set to launch next month, while the Android and Windows apps will be available for download sometime later this year.

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