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UI and UX design are critically important for organizations doing business on the web. After you’ve spent your time and money building a product and prepared it to sell in the market, there is one more crucial step before you can become a success. How can you stand out and provide the users with what they need in getting the product? There is always an opening for project management software, social media apps, social intranets and data management software.

Building it is not enough, “While having a great product is paramount, in today’s market it often is not enough to keep you ahead of the curve. This is why investing into UX design has proved to be a game-changing strategy” (“Business Value”). Everyone paying attention to this area of business technology seems to agree that “UX (or user experience) seems to be something which is wholly necessary for the creation of a top quality website” (Sandu). Okay, so what is UX, how can we define it? The best single definition I’ve seen was published by Code Magazine, the publishing arm of EPS Software Corporation:

“UX is about the layout of every element, taking the time to make sure that every button on a screen is placed exactly where it should be, allowing the user’s muscle memory to naturally figure out how to proceed throughout the software’s flow. Great UX also includes a serious dosage of strong information architecture, guaranteeing that users won’t end up in a dead-end or frustrated because they’re forced to interact with the same data in a multitude of different ways. UX is about your users having fun” (Manning). 

LiveTiles users are ahead of the game when it comes to UI and UX design. We make the technology easy so you can focus on the creative aspects of design.

A just-released report indicates that the technology field and universities will increasingly recognize the need for more creativity and critical thinking skills, which are ideal for the future of UX design (Toscano). We need to be thinking about not only building the product, but making it engaging and even fun. Increasingly, the digital trends are to close the gap between the IT crowd and the average user. For a good example of this trend in motion, try using LiveTiles Design for site creations. You can quickly experiment, embedding different apps and videos, and change them or move them around using our easy drag-and-drop tool.

Depending on user testing, you can make adjustments in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Here’s a sample I sketched out:

Based on user feedback, I can easily make the changes or add the tiles that my colleagues request. I can also quickly adjust their size and location on the page. If you haven’t used our designer yet, reach out to us for a free trial. Great UX that drives business is not only possible, it’s simple.

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