Achieving MS Teams nirvana with Microsoft Teams Features

Jas Basra, Product Marketing Manager from Microsoft

A hub for teamwork that brings everything you need together so you can get all your teamwork done across your entire organization…

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? And 75 million people around the world are using Microsoft Teams to make their work lives easier and experiencing that “Teams nirvana” feeling.

Jas Basra, Product Marketing Manager from Microsoft. Jas has been with Microsoft for five years and is described as a “next level teamship ninja”.

“I work closely with our sellers and partners, such as LiveTiles, to support our customers through the adoption of our technology and really help them get the most out a product,” she said.

Jas may be an expert in Teams, but her love of teamwork goes beyond the digital.

“A couple of years ago, I did a bit of a reflection on where I’m at in my career and why I connected so strongly with this notion around teamwork. I realized it’s actually because every job and industry I’ve ever worked in has been a hundred percent reliant on a team to actually accomplish anything,” she said.

“Ever since then, I’ve really been working in this role and other roles to continually master this craft of teamwork and teach it.”

Jas’ top new MS Teams features

Custom backgrounds  

“This will let you upload your own images for your video background. I’m working from Canada right now with my family and I had a lovely image of the lake in my background, which is really nice to just lighten up the situation.”

Raise your hand

“This is a feature that allows you to indicate that you’ve got something to contribute to a conversation. I think it’s harder for some people to speak up or not want to speak over people. This feature is really designed to help people with that.”

End meeting

“I think it’s great to have the ability to record meetings but if someone forgets to hang up, then you’ve got a very long recording of one person that’s just forgot to hang up the call. End meeting will actually let you end that meeting and not have to worry about that.”

Why Jas loves MS Teams

Flexibility and mobility

“I’ve been working predominantly remotely for the last year and a half. Most of my team is based in Sydney and I’m based in a different city.

“Teams means if I want to take a walk while I’m doing a call, I can do that from my phone. I don’t have to be stuck to my desk. That flexibility really enables people to work from anywhere, the way they want to work.”

The ability to share your expression

“Things like turning on your video have a major impact on employee engagement and using things like praise to give recognition to your employees within the different Teams that you’ve got set up.”

Fun fact: 57% of Australians using Microsoft Teams turning on video, making it one of the top countries in the world for using video on Teams.

An MS Teams nirvana healthcare industry story

Compliance and governance were two very big considerations for this customer. They had been thinking about Teams for a while but just still working through the planning and the use cases,” Jas said.

“They needed to deploy Teams very quickly to support communication and collaboration to 9,000 personnel within their entire organization, while ensuring that there wasn’t any form of compromise to patient care.”

Jas said the client worked with a partner to make sure they had the right level of governance in place, and Teams was implemented quickly.

“They had a massive spike in usage just in the few first few weeks. Within a week after everything was deployed, their doctors actually felt comfortable doing virtual ward rounds within Teams.”

Jas said Teams let the client keep people safe during the pandemic.

“As an example, having some people that are in a quarantined area versus those aren’t and being able to virtually consult each other without needing to compromise that safety.”

Two of the coolest new features coming soon to MS Teams

Real-time noise suppression

We’ve all be guilty at times of forgetting to mute ourselves on in a Teams meeting. Now you don’t have to worry. Microsoft has real-time noise suppression, which is using AI to reduce the distracting background noise, which is contributing to some of that noise in meetings. So you can eat a bag of chips not on mute and the AI will take care of it.

Better support for teachers

There were lots of requests to understand the participants that may have been part of the meeting. Teachers for example, want to understand which participants came in, how long were they there for, when did they leave, even connected to learning in a lot of organizations, it’s skilling. That’s something that’s coming later this year.

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