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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Braque 1.0 Product Release Notes, Jan. 18, 2017

This week’s product release introduces the new, the mighty, Custom tile! We now have a dedicated tile just for creating custom tiles within the product platform. We also have one bug fix as well. For all the details, read on down.

New feature: Custom tile

LiveTile is releasing the Custom tile this week. This will allow you to create your own tiles within the product using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using a brand new full screen editor mode.

The Custom tile allows you to use the new, improved editing experience, by giving you the ability to create your own tiles by adding in the option to create end user configuration variables from the tile, giving those in the LiveTiles Designers group the option to not be able to edit the code and have the tile appear to those in the group as a Custom tile.

On the options bar on the side of the tile, you will see the option to open up the settings or a code symbol, which will take you to the editing experience. If you click on the code option, the editing experience will open up into full screen showing you sections for HTML, CSS and Javascript, in addition to a preview window. Here you can edit the tile and see the changes in real time should you want, by selecting the auto refresh option.

To allow an end user to specify custom values directly from the tile settings, you can use custom variables that can be set up in the tile options. These will allow parameters in the code to be changed without editing the source. An example of this would be setting up a string, which when a user enters a value into the tile will allow them to set a location if you were creating a map tile.

For more information about the tile, we do recommend going to the knowledgebase.

Bug fix

Yammer Feed and Yammer Slide – Change Default Feed Type, Disallow Blank Value for Feed IDThe Yammer Slide and the Yammer Feed tiles now default to My Feed, in addition to preventing users from entering a blank Feed ID into the options for these tiles.

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