How To Start An Internal Podcast To Communicate With Remote Workers

Communicating with a remote workforce has its challenges. What may cut through with some people, will fall on deaf ears with others. You need to provide your employees with options for how they consume corporate communications. Have you thought about starting an internal podcast?

Join Host & Creator of the Intelligent Workplace Podcast, Chris Lukianenko, as he shares his experiences in establishing an internal podcast that is shared with his colleagues in every corner of the globe.

In this session:

  • How Chris set up a recording studio for under $500, in one day;
  • Selecting the right equipment you need to get started;
  • What software you need to record with guests in other countries;
  • Tips on editing your conversations; and
  • A look at the distribution and analytics tool LiveTiles built to facilitate the podcast.

Podcasting is an efficient, effective and secure way to share information with remote workers, plus it’s a great way to stay human in these disruptive times.

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