Remote working the right way: How to ensure best practices

Communicating with a remote workforce has its challenges, but what if remote working is here to stay? Have you set your remote workforce up for success?

Join Host and Creator of the Intelligent Workplace Podcast, Chris Lukianenko, and his guest Ryan Thomas, CEO of Timlin Enterprises, as they discuss how you should best set up your remote workforce. Ryan has been operating a remote workforce for many years and has also helped many clients to set up their own. He draws upon those experiences to provide you with tips and advice and share some stories, to ensure your transition to remote working is a successful one.

In this session, Chris and Ryan discuss:

  • Strategies for working together, when you are apart
  • How to avoid meetings for meetings’ sake
  • The importance of understanding and respecting new work patterns
  • Remembering to have fun and prioritize staff engagement activities
  • How Microsoft Teams can help you, but it’s not a magic wand

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