How tech can make or break your communication strategy

Meet Cassandra Thurston, Global Communications Manager at Michael Hill, the prestige global jeweler with over 300 stories and 2000 staff.

4 years ago, Cassandra was given the task to transform Michael Hill’s internal and external communication channels. This global retailer wanted to improve communication within their business, drive employee engagement and ensure their speed to market in the competitive retail landscape was not hindered by poor information sharing and access.

As a non-technical business leader, Cassandra, with over 20 years’ experience as a Communications Manager understood how critical the deployment of the right workplace technology would be in supporting the company with their broader business objectives.

Leveraging SharePoint and LiveTiles Michael Hill, implemented a centralized Intelligent Workplace Communication Hub that has changed the way their teams accesses resources, company news and business applications.

During her visit to our NYC HQ for NRF Retail’s Big Show, Cassandra sat down with us to chat about how Michael Hill was able to drastically improve their business processes and communication by implementing a unified, intelligent platform powered by LiveTiles.

Hear from a communications leader who’s already made the Intelligent Transformation jump.

Topics discussed on the webinar:

  • The ROI and business benefits Michael Hill has achieved since implementing an Intelligent platform powered by AI in their workplace
  • How a focus a business focus on workplace technology can improve the customer and employee experience, directly impacting sales and revenue
  • How as a non-technical leader, you can lead the tech roadmap for your department and be aligned with your business strategy

Watch this webinar to learn how the deployment of intelligent workplace technologies will position your business for success.


LiveTiles Marketing Lead: Najah Ayoub
Michael Hill Global Communications and Change Management Lead: Cassandra Thurston

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