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How To Optimize The Digital Workplace for Hybrid Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled companies to reimagine the future of work— particularly where and how work gets done. To excel in a post-pandemic era, organizations are moving to hybrid work—a blended model that combines remote work and office collaboration. 

According to The Accenture Future of Work Study 2021, 63% of high-growth companies worldwide have already adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model. More businesses are expected to follow suit, especially since today’s modern employees are seeking a workplace culture that lets them decide where they will do their best work.

In its landmark LiveTiles Digital Workplace Trends 2021 report, the research emphasized how flexibility is now a currency more highly valued than salary. To attract and retain top talent, employers must offer some level of choice, increase flexibility, and help employees maintain the necessary balance between their personal lives and their jobs.

“A good salary is simply not enough… Employees want to feel they are making a difference beyond driving shareholder value, but also want opportunities for contributing to meaningful outcomes, personal growth, flexible working, and more,” the report said.

Digital Workplace: Employee Experience Is King

To build a digital workplace that supports a hybrid workforce, leaders must transform every aspect of the employee experience. They must prioritize new strategies to create a true work-from-anywhere capability that supports performance, culture, and connection. This includes personalized, digital workplace experiences that simplify employees’ workdays and help them become more productive and engaged.

“The Convenient. Enjoyable. Meaningful. These are the principles needed to guide all employees in a hybrid workplace design….This new way of working means whether you’re on the road, in the office, or at home, the level of experience needs to be consistent for all those collaborating,” said Tariq Moanah, Digital Product Lead responsible for Digital Workplace Experience with global financial services organization, Legal & General.

Digital Workplace Solutions That Empower The Hybrid Workforce

Here are some digital workplace best practices that leaders can build on to unleash the full potential of a hybrid workforce.

Leverage The Power Of Technology

Leaders must harness the right technology solutions to maintain connection and performance regardless of location. Bring everyone on board with the digital transformation. Gain a deeper understanding of the technology and processes that employees value most and work on collaboration tools that are needed to achieve a seamless digital experience.

Cultivate A Human-Centric, Empathetic Work Culture

Empathy, creativity, team building, and resilience — these are the essential human skills that will help leaders and their employees navigate the new hybrid world of work. Leaders must develop more empathetic, informal communication styles — those that encourage dialogue, listening, and feedback — to help employees cope with the uncertainties and constant changes.

Upskill Employees

Leaders must bring learning and innovation right into the heart of the digital workplace. They must scale investments in upskilling employees and provide them with the right training on new software and tools. Prioritizing one-on-one or small group training is crucial to ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

To build a great digital workplace where hybrid workforces grow and thrive, the strategy needs to be employee-driven. A positive digital workplace leads to better employee experiences. These, in turn, will drive strategic business objectives like increased employee engagement, customer satisfaction and high levels of efficiency and collaboration.

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