Improvements to Page Designer are on point

SharePoint Page Designer is more intuitive than ever before with these new improvements to Page Designer for SharePoint Modern, and some helpful bug fixes that cover Page Designer for SharePoint Modern and Classic.

Improvement – Quick View

We always had ‘Quick View’ as part of the classic experience when in the page designer. This provides a ‘preview’ of the page that you’ve built, without having to go to the actual page.

When the team rebuilt the Page Designer for Modern, they didn’t include this feature in the interest of time. There was some interest in getting it added back in, so now it’s there.

Bug fixes

Calendar Tile (new)          

There were a couple of issues with recurring events that were created in the SharePoint back-end, as well as added or deleted via the schedule view. These have now been resolved.

Calendar Tile

Events would periodically not display in the Calendar Tile due to incorrect interpretation of the date. This has now been corrected.

Side Menu Scrolling         

When in the design canvas, on some pages the page settings side menu would scroll with the page, instead of remaining fixed. This behaviour is now as expected.

News Ticker Tile    

When a News Ticker Tile was set to open articles in a Modal or Sliding window, the tile would become unresponsive after an initial article was opened. This has now been corrected.

Yammer Tile

There was an issue when multiple Yammer Tiles were added to a page, that only one of them would load. This has now been resolved and multiple tiles on the page is supported.

V5 Modern – Page change saving        

Occasionally, changes made to a page would not save due to unexpected behaviour around the Undo function in the canvas. This has been corrected.

V5 Modern – Integration management

On new unsaved pages, the integration management would fail to load. This has now been corrected to work as expected.

End user page loading    

Occasionally there would be a licensing error that appears for end users when attempting to view a page. This was an edge case and has now been addressed.

Group permissions during installation           

An edge case was discovered where group permissions would not be applied correctly, depending on the underlying SharePoint groups available. This has been corrected.

V5 Modern – Links to SP 

When navigating between pages using links within a page, occasionally the page wouldn’t navigate properly. This has been identified as an underlying SP issue and has been corrected in our handling of said issue.

Calendar Tile – Recurring events          

For events scheduled as recurring on weekdays only, there was a problem displaying them correctly in the Calendar Tile. This is now resolved.

Calendar Tile – Page crash

In Classic, when placing a calendar on a page that has events already available, the page would crash. This is now resolved.

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