Keep on communicating with LiveTiles’ Intelligent Workplace Education Series Podcast

The Intelligent Workplace Podcast is one way you can stay ahead of the game and help communications. So many of us are working remotely, trying to stay productive, solve problems, and stay connected with staff during a time of crisis and uncertainty. 

That’s why LiveTiles’ Chris Lukianenko is presenting the Intelligent Workplace Education Series Podcast, a weekly podcast where we discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the industry.

The first event, Corporate Communications in Times of Disruption, will be particularly relevant to corporate communicators, tech decision makers and employee experience creators, but there are tips that will apply to everyone.

Tune in via your favourite podcast service or visit The Intelligent Workplace Podcast to get insights from the best in the business.

Session 1: Corporate Communications in Times of Disruption with the Intelligent Workplace Podcast

Episode 1:

On this episode, Chris is joined by LiveTiles Head of Global Communications, Paul Conneally. Paul brings more than 20 years of crisis communications experience to the discussion. He will share examples of how companies are dealing with corporate comms during times of disruption. He also reminds us of the importance of the employee experience to remote workforces. There are some great tips in here from a very experienced crisis communications expert.

Episode 2

On this episode, Chris is joined by LiveTiles Chief Product Officer, Simon Tyrrell. Simon is a bit of a renaissance man in the industry, with a unique skill to get to the core of a problem and solve it. He enjoys pushing boundaries and trying new things, but also likes sharing real-world solutions. On this episode, he is firmly in solution-mode, sharing examples of the tech solutions being used to help keep employees engaged and productive while working remotely.

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Episode 3

On this episode, Chris takes you through all the lessons he has learned over the last two years writing, recording and producing podcasts for LiveTiles. Chris will share his experiences using the podcast as an internal communications tool and some tips for how to get started. You will find out what equipment to buy and which software to use. Chris will also outline the solution we built at LiveTiles that allows you to securely share your podcasts with your employees via their favourite podcasts app, while utilising the security of the Office 365 environment.

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