LiveTiles Page Designer Update: January 15, 2020

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer includes a new custom styling editor in the Page Settings, an update to the People Search and People Directory Tiles, changes to our support links in the product, 5-column rows, and many bug fixes. In both V4 Classic and V5 Classic, the support links update will be available. The rest of the release content only applies to V5 Classic.

New Custom Styling Editor

In the Page Settings Custom Code Tab, there’s a new editor that sits on top of the Custom Code Head and Custom Code Body editors. This new editor is for CSS specifically, and any CSS changes in this editor reflect on the Design Canvas as well as the end user view.

People Directory and People Search Tiles

Custom fields selected in the Tile Settings will display in the list of results. This means results can display more than just Name, Job Title, and Location. These custom fields are added through the Additional Fields section in the Tile Settings Data tab.

Another inclusion is the option to hide the About Me that appears when selecting a user from the results. This can be toggled through the General tab of the Tile Settings. Alternatively, if the box isn’t checked and a user doesn’t have anything in the About Me, it will automatically hide from the results page of the user.

Links Updated to New Knowledge Base

We have changed where our knowledge base is stored, and as a result some links were pointing to the old knowledge base location. We have updated those URLs to now point to the correct location.

5 Column Row

New to the Responsive Canvas row layout choices is a 5 column row. When selecting a row in the Design Canvas, click on the Rows tab at the top and select the 5 column row.

Bug Fixes for V5 Classic

Media PickerWhen selecting media in the media picker, content uploaded from deleted users wouldn’t load, and would case the media picker to crash. This has been fixed.
Documents TileClicking load more would scroll back to the top of the results when the tile loaded more. Now it will stay in place at the bottom as more results load.
Documents TileIn some cases, a Documents Tile on a page would cause a duplicated scroll bar to be hidden behind the scroll bar. Resizing the page would reveal the duplicate. The duplicated scroll bar was fixed.
List TileThe Office Documents click behavior was always downloading documents instead of honoring the selected setting. Now, they’ll honor opening in app, in browser, or downloading.
List TilePreviously, currency fields in the list weren’t properly formatting in the List Tile. Now, currency will work as expected.
Text TileAdvanced Styles weren’t being applied when the text tile was set to use a header.
Text TileCollapsible headers would cut off parts of the context menu in the Design Canvas.
My List TileCustom views set in the SharePoint list weren’t being respected. They’ll now show/hide content and order based on the custom view.
RSS TileFixed an issue where the font color was only working on the Carousel Layout.
Fixed Width CanvasThe canvas settings were in a different order than the Responsive Canvas. It has been fixed to match Responsive ordering.
Image TileImage Tile – Solid strings weren’t wrapping in the tile. In IE, it also wasn’t wrapping with word breaks.
Image TileThe Aspect Ratio settings were disabling the Slide Up hover effect. This has been fixed.
Twitter TileTwitter no longer supports Internet Explorer with their API. We’ve included a message in the Twitter Tile when it loads in Internet Explorer that will also link to directly.

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