📣 February 2024 Product Release: New Intranet AI Assistant, SharePoint Analytics, and More

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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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LiveTiles is Top Scorer in ‘value’ in latest ClearBox report


ClearBox, the trusted arbiter of the Intranet and Employee Experience space, released an updated report on the LiveTiles platform. The industry’s leading voice took LiveTiles’ suite of products through their paces, evaluating them on a broad range of criteria from “user experience and visual appeal” to “digital workplace integrations.” 

We’re happy to reveal that LiveTiles Reach emerged as one of the top brands in the field, getting a full complement of high marks in the 10-scenario assessment in the 2022 ClearBox Report. 

This resulted in a significant move for LiveTiles into the “magic quadrant”, where we’re now a top scorer on value in the Highest Value Zone, providing customers confidence as they narrow down their choices. 

Here are all the categories where our ranking increased: 

  • UX & Visual Appeal 
  • Mobile and Frontline Support 
  • Internal Communication 
  • Information Finding & Knowledge Management 
  • Admin Experience and Governance 
  • Analytics 
  • Digital Workplace Integration 
  • M365 Integration 

These excellent results from a comprehensive and independent testing reflect the effort put in by our teams to consistently evolve our product suite to the needs and challenges of our customers. 

We shall not rest on these laurels but allow us to share with you the highlights from the 2022 ClearBox report. 

The highlights: 

  • “The LiveTiles platform offers intuitive ways to improve your SharePoint intranet out of the box and Reach engages frontline staff who don’t have M365 licences.” 
  • “The additional People Directory module is excellent, offering some of the best people and expert finding tools we’ve seen.” 
  • “LiveTiles has launched a new analytics platform which has the potential to provide communicators with in-depth, granular insights into adoption and campaign performance.” 
  • “Vibe offers interactive polls…Admins use Vibe to issue short pulse surveys tracking how a user feels working from home, or what their energy levels are…offers a simple way to monitor this information and show employees that the business is listening.” 

(Clearly, ClearBox has a lot to say so for a detailed point-by-point assessment of LiveTiles products, download the 2022 ClearBox Report report.) 

An intelligent and intuitive engine 

What the highlights reflect is our push to evolve features and functionalities into an engine that removes pain points, solves problems, and fosters employee engagement. To this end, we are designing an interface that’s both “intelligent” and “intuitive”—a tool “smart” enough it “feels.” 


  • The dynamic directories and knowledge management approach makes information finding fast and accurate to the point of granularity. 
  • Keyword tagging for finely tuned searches to locate rich content. 
  • Useful analytics and metrics providing vital insights into user behaviour and feature adoption. 


  • Every millimeter of the visual space has been carefully considered for easy navigation, quick access, and a pleasant, personalised experience. 
  • We aim to “show” than “tell.” So, we have an interface that prioritises simple layouts, robust dashboards, visual prompts, images, and graphics. 
  • Our drive for seamless modularity ensures consistent user experience across products and platforms. 
  • We have an array of third-party integrations (in the thousands) making work across platforms easy, efficient, and effective. 
  • Administrative functions are streamlined and require little to less technical expertise. 

What customers say

LiveTiles is a listening organisation that values feedback from the people it serves. For all the innovations that have come from us, we credit not just our brilliant team, but also our customers who point us to the avenues where we can grow and improve.” 

The slew of enhancements we’ve released has been favorably received by our community of customers. For example, one mentio