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LiveTiles SharePoint Seurat 1 Product Release Notes

LiveTiles SharePoint Product Release Notes: Seurat 1

Page load times just got a lot faster with this week’s first product release in our Seurat cycle. To make sure your pages are as speedy as can be, go into Design view and hit Save on all your existing pages to have the backend optimisations applied.

We gave the product a good backend scrub down (no pun intended), so be sure to read below for all the usability improvements and crushed bugs.


Remove Widget ID field from Twitter and Twitter Slider tiles In order to reduce confusion with the Twitter and Twitter Slider tiles, we have removed the widget ID field from these tiles. To add Twitter to your page, all you now need to do is add in the twitter handle to the tile.
Update landing page support link to point to The landing page support link now points our Knowledge Base at
Enhanced Page Import/Export To allow you to be able to share every aspect of your pages between your site collections, we have improved the Page Import/Export to allow you to bundle up your images into the product when Importing/Exporting a page.

We have also added backend changes to make exporting and importing pages a smoother process overall.

Add fallback URLs for third party CDN libraries To prevent further issues from third party integrations, we have added in fallback URLs for these integrations to make sure that you are able to use every aspect of LiveTiles at any time.
Move Wireframe mode to the bottom left We are improving the overall canvas experience by moving the Wireframe mode toggle to the bottom left of the screen.
Office 365 with LiveTiles performance improvements We want to bring you the best experience possible. As such, we recently went through and optimised our product to improve loading times. With some optimization around the way we load code onto our pages, we are proud to announce that we have improved loading times based on internal testing by approximately 10%.

In order to take advantage of the performance improvements on your pages, you will need to resave any existing LiveTiles pages to have the above optimisations applied—just click into Design view and hit Save, no need to rename or change the saved site location.

Bug fixes:

Circle tile – Inconsistent behavior between browsers when the tile has long text Behaviour is now standard across browsers for the circle tile.
Calendar tile – Mismatch of event displayed time to actual time The event displayed time and the actual time now match on the Calendar tile.
Calendar tile – Events in List view are ordered by Created Date and not Event Time Events in the Calendar tile are now listed by the Event Time, rather than the Created Date.
Fix Save As bug in IE Save As bug is now fixed in IE.
CKEditor prints a warning when closing dialogs CKEditor now does not print a warning when closing dialogs.
View as Group list expands past the window and is not scrollable when listing many groups View as Group list is now scrollable when displaying many groups.
Media picker – IE and Firefox open new tabs when folder navigated IE and Firefox now do not open new tabs when you click on a folder in the media picker.
Fix memory leak bug with Power BI iframe Memory leak bug is now fixed in the Power BI frame.
Rich content – Image and video insert does not open on quick click; does not place default image or video on long click (Edge, IE 11, Firefox) Image and video open now inserts on quick click and places the default image or video on long click.
Color picker leaves .sp-container elements in DOM after closing Page Settings dialog Colour picker does not leave .sp-container elements in the DOM when closing the Page Settings dialog.
Image cropping – Cancelling the Save dialog will close image cropper Cancelling the Save dialog now does not close the image cropper.

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