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Rolling Out LiveTiles Reach’s Main Updates for 2023: What You Need to Know

Zack Alami

LiveTiles Reach continues to evolve to respond to the needs of the users. This year, we are thrilled to officially roll out newer updates and features that make the experience of going through your streams better, smoother, and faster. The opening of 2023 welcomes users to more enhanced user interface, improved content integration, and more laying out options. 

Embedded Plugins Elevate the User Experience

LiveTiles Reach offers custom functionality through the use of plugins. This allows the application to extend its capabilities beyond what is provided by default. With this concept, Reach provides flexibility and creativity for its users in generating their contents. 

A plugin is an external application that consists of a frontend and optionally of a backend. It improves the app’s functionality in two ways: either by expanding the existing features inherent to the application or by introducing new functionality via a dedicated module within the Reach app.  

Previously, developers were limited only to creating Global and Page plugins. But the new update now allows them to extend the content editing experience by building custom content or embedded plugins.  

In addition, the new version of the plugins can now be used to embed a custom coded widget within the content of a news article, event, or page! This means you can now add in-house charts or custom surveys to your articles for a better presentation and engagement of your contents.

Onboard as Many All at Once

One of LiveTiles Reach’s most convenient features is its capability to onboard several people by individually maneuvering the interface and keying-in all the necessary information such as names, email address, and contact details to set up their accounts for the app. However, this can still prove to be a challenge when you need to onboard a considerable number of users. The procedure can be taxing and time-consuming for the person in charge. 

However, the new update now allows users to onboard several people en masse using a CSV file. You only need to input all the necessary information onto the CSV file – which takes less effort since entering the details is via spreadsheet – and upload the file into the application. Values in the spreadsheet can also be altered to customize its visibility settings in the app. 

But this new feature works only if the CSV file is formatted according to a specific configuration. You may download an example CSV file from the interface which provides the format you can follow to make sure your onboarding process is as seamless as possible.  

Improved Sharepoint Content Integration

Being able to integrate news content in SharePoint is already fantastic. It is made more impressive by making it possible to seamlessly integrate posts and events in the platform with the help of new dedicated web parts. These additional web parts not only make content viewing possible, but they also provide a comprehensive content creation and editing experience within the web parts, allowing comments and other interactions to be carried out directly. 

Click this link and be surprised how easy it is to install and set up the LiveTiles Reach Posts Web Part. 

Faster Content Approval Process

Changes have been made in the approval process of the content publishing as well.  

Previously, when users create their drafts for posting, it would go to the editor’s waiting list, which requires him to check from time to time to be constantly updated of the drafts waiting for his approval. This has caused undue delays in the posting of contents, which is critical when posting about important news and information which needs to be sent out across other users at the earliest possible time. 

The new update aims to solve this inconvenience. Now, every new draft sends a notification to the assigned editors for request of their approval. The notification will also link them directly to the draft waiting for him. This allows faster content approval process and posting of the contents, making users always on top of the latest developments in their work.


Align Your Images as You Please 

Authors also now have more flexibility to control the layout of their contents. With the long-format editor, they can now align images to the left or right of the content and even allow the text to wrap around the image, a huge departure from the stiff and rigid layout interface before. This gives users more creative space – literally and figuratively – in customizing their post and in adding a touch of inventiveness to their contents. 

Just a caveat though: this feature is only applicable with wider layouts. And the layout will still appear as if the image was centrally aligned on mobile devices.  

Retain Authorizations by Regenerating Existing API Keys 

Previously, when an API key expired, it had to be expunged and be replaced with a new one and an entirely new associated API user. This involves re-authoring the associated user, which could be quite tedious in larger subscriptions. Expiring keys is considered a security practice to make sure accounts are always protected and uncompromised. 

Now, you can simply extend the expiration date of an existing key using the regenerate option, maintaining the existing API user and all previously assigned permissions. Same robust security. Less worry. 

You Can Now Go Back Where You Left Off 

One of Reach’s main drivers is content consumption. We use the app because we want to catch up with the latest updates. And it can be inconvenient when, upon closing a certain article, you are positioned at the top of the overview, not where you were before opening that news. You want to be on top of everything, but this is not what you meant. 

With the latest update, you no longer need to deal with this hiccup. When you navigate back to the Stream or the News Channel, you will return to your previous scroll position, i.e., right where you left off. You can now continue exploring content without having to keep scrolling down every time you finish an article. 

Preview Your Page Before Publishing It 

Publishing your carefully crafted and laid-out page or event is a trial-and-error scenario. You barely have an idea how it will look like once sent out. You just hit the publish button, hoping it will turn out looking good the first time. 

No more crossing-fingers with the latest update. You can now get a preview of the content before publishing your draft. You can even share that preview with a colleague for proof-reading. The same functionality that was already introduced for news articles is now available for events and pages.

2023 is a year of continued improvement for LiveTiles Reach app to better accommodate the needs and preferences of our users. By providing flexible solutions and responsive innovations, the app can bring further value for businesses and its people that need to communicate and collaborate effectively across various locations and teams. As a result, we improve the efficiency and responsiveness of operations by providing real-time access to information.

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