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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

Looking for Employee Engagement Ideas? Harness the Power of Personalization

Digital workplace leaders know that employee engagement isn’t just a bonus. It’s vital to boosting morale, enhancing customer service, and delivering stellar bottom-line results.  

A recent global survey conducted by LiveTiles identified four key employee mindsets: Achievers, Seekers, Soloists, and Connectors. By understanding these perspectives, internal communications teams can reap the benefits of a more engaged community of employees. 

Achievers: Communication for Efficiency

Achievers want to get their job done, fast. Efficiency is key. They value accessible, understandable, and relevant messaging with minimum disruption to their workflow. 

David Salter, Director of Technology Solutions at LiveTiles, says: “Their busy schedules mean Achievers only get to check messages at certain times of the day. As a result, they sometimes feel left behind when it comes to information dissemination.” 

LiveTiles Reach is a leading-edge employee communications app designed to meet these needs. Its segmentation features ensure that Achievers see only information relevant to their work. Through a streamlined document management system, they can find the resource they need, when they need it. Its mobile-friendly interface allows them to stay connected with essential updates – without sacrificing productivity. 

Seekers: Connection and Community 

Seekers thrive on engagement. They value interactions with colleagues and prefer on-site work setups.  

According to David, “Seekers tend to be the younger members of a team. They welcome communication from employers and consciously build relationships with colleagues. They would rather be overinformed than miss out on developments.” 

LiveTiles Reach supports the Seeker’s desire for connection. Here, they can promote community-building by creating groups and posting stories. Its in-app chat feature allows easy contact with colleagues. Reach’s branding feature also speaks to the Seekers’ need for strong identification with their organization. 

“In some sense, Reach was tailor-made for this situation. We had a dispersed, multi-location, multi-lingual workforce that needed not only the latest information and guidance but also needed to be better connected together. Baby pictures became as important as procedural updates!” 

Rob Yateman, Managing Director at Mentholatum 

Soloists: Independent Work  

Soloists prefer to work independently. They thrive when they have concise, targeted communication. And they prefer to have it all in one place. 

David notes: “Having to use multiple apps just to reach certain groups is especially frustrating for Soloists. A no-frills approach is what they prefer.” 

LiveTiles Reach respects the Soloists’ need for focused, independent work. It provides concise, relevant updates on a single platform, helping employees of this mindset stay informed without unnecessary distractions.

“Having separate apps – one for business and one for communications – just didn’t work for us. Engagement levels were low. LiveTiles is great for us because it’s one place employees can go to communicate, collaborate and get informed.” 

Judson Lancina, Product Lead at IQ Talent Partners 

Connectors: Tailored for Relevance  

Connectors play a vital role in linking different parts of an organization. They require a filtered, targeted system to ensure communication that is relevant to their work.  

David points out that “Connectors often have to keep abreast of several projects at once. This invites a barrage of different messages, so constant organization updates are off-putting.”  

LiveTiles Reach uses department-specific channels, along with integrated scheduling and polling features. This allows employees to stay on top of key developments without being bombarded by unnecessary information. Reach’s directory feature gives Connectors access to the expertise they need to keep their projects moving forward. 

An Extranet for Every Mindset 

Personalization isn’t just a buzzword – it’s at the heart of employee experience in the flexible world of work. The right intranet solution makes it possible. LiveTiles Reach’s range of features are designed to support the specific needs of the Achievers, Seekers, Soloists, and Connectors in your organization. By appreciating difference and leveraging a best-in-class extranet, you can craft a digital workplace that inspires every member of your team.  

Ready to harness the power of personalization? Book a demo today. 

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