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The Modern Workplace Tools and Guides

Whether you scored well in all areas of the Modern Workplace or low in some, we’ve got your back! 

We’ve analysed the data and have curated actionable tips, techniques, and downloads proven in the field by our top consultants.  

You can download all tools and guides for all seven modern workplace categories or only the area of focus. 

Strategy & Planning

Most successful organisations align their Modern Workplace strategy with their overall organisational strategy. Technology and its benefits are a part of the modern workplace, but people are the key to its success. 

Download our free Strategy and Planning Resources, including: 

  • Real-life examples of other organisations’ alignment between organisational and Modern Workplace strategy 
  • Retail case study catering to organisational goals by focusing on frontline workers 
  • Roadmap planning template 

Use these resources to demonstrate the Modern Workplace alignment and value to the business. 


Design is about more than how something looks; it’s about how things work.  

Successful Modern Workplaces create experiences as designed by end-users. End-users, graphic and user-experience designers, technologists, and the broader business team up to create experiences based on their strengths. There’s an understanding that ‘the sum of the whole is better than the individual parts.’ 

Download our free template and get started creating your version that will: 

  • Bring your Modern Workplace vision to life 
  • Create a relatable story for decision-makers and employees 
  • Tip you over from the blunt tool of logic to that of emotion as the lever 

Use these case studies to enroll people in the human experience of the Modern Workplace.


Managing content and creating compelling user experiences are the most valuable and rewarding experiences for subject matter experts and Modern Workplace owners. Build Modern Workplace capability in your people and set them up for success. 

Download our free tools and templates to help support your people, including: 

  • The top ten tests for a quality content checklist 
  • Adding content experience ownership authoring into job descriptions 
  • Adding content experience ownership authoring into performance goals and development plans 

Use these resources to support your owners, designers, and content creators. 

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees have a sense of control and ownership over the shape of the Modern Workplace. Staff actively consume content and participate in conversations with likes, shares, and comments. Delegation is valued over control, action over planning, and collaboration over individual effort. 

Download our free Employee Engagement Resources, including: 

  • Different research techniques (pros & cons) 
  • A list of questions to ask staff 
  • Whitepaper: The Business Case for Employee Retention 

Use these resources to demonstrate the business benefit of employee engagement and equip your people to carry out end-user research. 


Mature Modern Workplaces focus on integration and a seamless user experience rather than onboarding the latest tech and adding another app to already tech-exhausted employees. The best performers deliver to end-user needs, and employees know the use cases for everything in the tech stack. 

Download our free tools and templates to help support your people, including: 

  • A template for assessing your tech stack and identifying overlaps and conflicts 
  • A model of content relevance, Microsoft VP – Susan Hanley’s ‘Me. We. Us. Model’ 

Use these resources to take hold of your technical environment and establish actionable quick wins. 

Good governance

Governance helps resolve conflicts, aligns with organisational strategies and priorities, and supports modern workplace teams, employees, and stakeholders, ensuring it’s easy to get the work done day-in-day-out.  

Download our free guide to help you define your specific governance model. In the guide, you’ll learn the following:  

  • The areas to include in your Modern Workplace governance model 
  • Who to include in the governance work 
  • How to work with stakeholders in your definition of governance 
  • A step-by-step process to ascertain your specific governance framework 

Use these resources to create a beloved governance framework that meets your organisational needs.  

Analytics and Insights

Digital initiatives require ongoing analysis and adjustment. It’s important that the core team, content authors, and stakeholders have the skills and tools to measure, analyse and act on findings.  

Download our free tools and templates to help support your people, including: 

  • A template for assessing your tech stack and identifying overlaps and conflicts 
  • A Model of Content Relevance, Susan Hanley’s ‘Me. We. Us. Model’ 

Use these resources to create a continuous improvement model.

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