Digital Workplace Data Analytics

Put your business intelligence into overdrive with customizable digital workplace data Analytics. Get real data from your page users, make changes based on insights, and boost engagement and ROI.

LiveTiles Analytics delivers a birds-eye view of user activity on pages, as well as a granular view of specific page components. Using LiveTiles’ intranet analytics allows you to quickly make changes to improve user experiences and get numbers to prove and improve intranet ROI.

Powerful Data Insights

Easy to use digital workplace data analytics tools

Activate LiveTiles Analytics on your tenant or selected sites to start collecting data. Select the people in your organization that will have access to the insights.

Access heatmaps to visualize data

Access deep insights into how users are interacting with your pages. Map out popular content and web parts and understand what content on your intranet needs improvements. Employ the heatmap for a visual representation of users’ interaction with page content.

Track user behavior and content views

Gain a birds-eye view of content, user activity, and user behavior across site pages in the Analytics portal. Compare metrics across different periods of time. Use the insights to measure success and improve content, UX, and information architecture for an optimal user experience across  sites.

Document results

Follow user interactions on a continuous basis to document the result of improvements and keep track of intranet consumption. Measure intranet success and prove intranet ROI.
digital workplace data analytics screen example
Data analytics Insights screen examples from LiveTiles Analytics

Detailed Intranet Page Insights

Retrieve intranet page insights with a click.

LiveTiles Analytics lets you intuitively access detailed insights straight from SharePoint pages. 

Employ insights and heatmaps to map out popular content and web parts and to understand which content on your intranet needs improvements.

  • Get detailed numbers on page views, active users, which devices users are accessing your site from, and which web parts users are interacting with.
  • Apply heatmap to pages to truly understand how your users are navigating pages and which content they consume.
  • Retrieve data from SharePoint pages, pages designed with LiveTiles Page Designer, and any SharePoint or LiveTiles SPFx  web part.
  • Intuitively manage permissions to enable users to either retrieve insights or manage LiveTiles Analytics settings.
  • Store all intelligence data related to your environment in a region close to where your SharePoint environment is hosted.

Data and analytics are increasingly critical elements across nearly all industries, business functions, and IT disciplines in both the private and public sector.

LiveTiles Analytics portal screen example

LiveTiles Analytics Portal

Access the metrics from across your sites.

Our Analytics portal provides you with an overview of engagement metrics across your digital workplace. Dive into metrics of different time frames to understand and compare how engagement develops over time.

Intranet Content

See total engagement score and how it ranges. Get info on page views in total and at department level. See what web parts are most engaged with across your sites. Understand what devices users typically use to view your different pages.

Departmental Visitors

Understand the depths of how different departments interacts with content across your sites.

Intranet User Behavior

Get insights into how people access and move around on your sites. Access device breakdown and sessions per user and see how the number of page views fluctuates in the course of a day.

Intranet Engagement score

Get engagement score per page to see where engagement is best. LiveTiles Analytics generates a score based on an algorithm that utilizes different elements of the captured data.

Data visualisation heatmaps

Gain a visual understanding of intranet user behaviour in a digestible format.

Analytics Portal

Get a quick overview of the collected intranet data in one easy to view place and share it company-wide.

Intranet page insights

See what forms of content work best for your users and optimize other areas of your digital workplace tools based on the insights.

LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet News Room screen example

Cross-platform analytics

LiveTiles Analytics works across all of the Livetiles product suite, including LiveTiles Reach, LiveTiles Intranet, LiveTiles Everywhere and LiveTiles Quantum. 

This means that you can have one portal to view all of the data collected and analyse which product is working best for you and what can be improved upon, based on the user experience. 

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