8 Tips for a Successful Intranet

The old mantra “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply in the digital world. Unlike an interesting new store that catches attention as people walk by, your staff needs a good reason to come to your Intranet, and to keep coming back.

If it’s not easy to use or is laborious you will not enjoy success, no matter how many company wide emails you send reminding of its existence.

The best advice from successful implementations is tread slowly and communicate often. Find out what drives people to your Intranet: What are they seeking to achieve? How can you make that as painless and fast as possible? As attractive as a fast deployment time is, you will achieve the greatest outcomes by concentrating on the user experience and ensuring people want to use your Intranet and come back to it.

While implementing your Intranet, keep users on-board. Plan your change management processes and communication carefully and don’t make them afterthoughts. What behavior changes will your users need to make? What can you do to keep them engaged? Below are 8 tips for a successful Intranet.

1. Have a catchy name

You know a product is successful when it becomes its own verb. We Google information, we Uber over there, Hoover the carpet and Xerox a document. In the same way, you want your employees to feel a personal and emotional connection with your Intranet. Give it a name that inspires action and engagement.

2. Make it easy

If people have to fight your Intranet to do what they want, or even to find it, you’ll have a battle on your hands. Instead, pay attention to design and usability, along with accessibility for people with vision or other impairments. Make your Intranet fast to get to with a memorable hostname, or even the default.

3. Make it essential to work

If it’s the central document repository or where you submit your leave application, this cements it in people’s minds as the go-to for these activities.

4. Make it personal

Let each person have a personal, and relevant, experience. Ensure relevant content is shown to people based on their role and requirements, which in turn benefits the company with increased productivity.

5. Integrate with other business systems

Make the experience across your applications as seamless as possible. Embed dashboards, content, lists and documents so your Intranet is the onestop shop or master source of truth. This is critical, making everything easier for your users, and more personalized.

6. Know how you will measure success

Much like your marketing team already measures website traffic and keywords, you too must track your Intranet usage and refine what is working and what is not. As an example, LiveTiles Intelligence provides rich data reporting with heatmap visuals so you can see exactly how your colleagues interact with your workplace. You can make changes based on real page usage metrics.

7. Make it about the employee as well as the business

Integrate your Intranet into existing health and wellness projects and programs. LiveSmiles, to illustrate, isn’t a product but a movement to accelerate the discussion of wellness into an active and intrinsic part of work. It seeks to ultimately drive happier and healthier people at work and home.

8. Make it fun!

Have staff photos, competitions, jokes and social news. Announce birthdays, new babies, new staff and turn your Intranet into the water cooler of your business.

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