🎉 October Release: What's New at LiveTiles?

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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

Operations Center LiveTiles featured

Introducing the LiveTiles Operations Center – Streamline your Digital Workplace

Daniel Costa

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We began this year with a commitment: to deliver transformative updates that would redefine your LiveTiles experience. The first step was our June Release, which came packed with groundbreaking features designed to take your digital workplace to the next level.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our second major update. Its goal? To simplify administrative tasks, optimize system management, and propel your enterprise-level operations to new heights.

So, let’s explore our latest innovation—The LiveTiles Operations Center.

What is the LiveTiles Operations Center?

Designed with administrative efficiency in mind, this centralized hub is engineered to streamline your administrative process. Say goodbye to juggling multiple LiveTiles products, each with their own configurations. We now offer a single ‘pane of glass’, allowing you to manage everything from one central location.

Operations Center LiveTiles NEw


The Operations Center places all your management tools under one roof. Now, let’s take a deep dive into some of its key features:

Navigation Studio for SharePoint

As always, user experience is at the forefront of our innovation. We’ve replaced our previous JSON setup with a Navigation Studio that streamlines the admin experience. The Navigation Studio offers an intuitive Matrix Navigation and Mega-Menu configuration interface that’s easy for everyone to use.

The Navigation Studio enables sophisticated targeting by letting you personalize your navigation menus based on your specific audience. Its multi-tenant configuration allows you to effortlessly manage settings for distinct user groups within your organization. Our new translation feature simplifies the task of catering to a diverse and multilingual workforce.

Consultation Documentation 

When launching new products or updates, having a single source of truth to navigate complexities is key. That’s why we’ve centralized all technical documentation in the Operations Center. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving current setups, our detailed guidebook is your go-to manual for implementing all LiveTiles solutions with maximum efficiency. 

One place for all your web parts

An orderly intranet is crucial to any enterprise. As the Reach Web Parts family grows, we’ve simplified the process of maintaining an organized and efficient intranet. Now, you can download pre-built “.sppkg” web part packages directly from the Operations Center, helping you keep everything in one place. 

The web parts cover everything from news feeds to employee directories and more specialized features, allowing you to customize your intranet. Our easy-to-follow guides simplify their integration, ensuring functionality and user-friendliness without the need for extensive coding. 

Current List of Web Parts 

We currently offer a robust set of web parts, each designed to meet specific organizational needs. Here’s what you can find: 

  • Alerts Web Part: Keep everyone updated on important notifications. 
  • Reach News Web Part: Share organizational news and updates. 
  • Reach Posts Web Part: Facilitate social interactions and discussions. 
  • Reach Events Web Part: Highlight upcoming events and important dates. 
  • Reach Pages Web Part: Create and manage content pages. 
  • Celebrations Web Part: Showcase birthdays, work anniversaries, and other celebrations. 
  • FAQ Web Part: Centralize frequently asked questions for easy access. 
  • Lists Web Part: Organize and display lists for various purposes. 
  • Markup Web Part: Include HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code. 
  • People Web Part: Easily find and connect with colleagues. 
  • Tour Guide Web Part: Offer guided tours of your intranet to new users. 
  • Canteen Web Part: Keep track of daily menus and canteen schedules. 
  • Rss Web Part: Stream the latest news and updates directly to your intranet. 

As we move forward, we’ll continue to add new web parts to this lineup, keeping your intranet experience fresh and ever-evolving. 

Future-Proof your Digital Workspace 

Future updates to our Operations Center will bring more than just enhanced configuration options like IXP and intranet branding. We’re committed to aligning your system with all emerging enterprise needs. In short, we want to make it future-proof.  

  • Quicklinks: Soon, you will be able to manage and customize Quicklinks from directly within the Operations Center. Whether it’s composing a list of corporate links or creating on-the-fly links with descriptions, icons, and audience targeting, all your essential resources will be just a click away.
  • Policies: Find and access business-critical information. Editors will soon be able to manage policies within the Operations Center, making the module ideal for handbooks, procedures, guidelines, and training material. 
  • Branding and Personalization: Future updates will enable you to customize your intranet’s look and feel, all from one place. No more jumping between settings and configurations; achieve a cohesive brand experience across all your LiveTiles products. 
  • Analytics: Advanced Analytics Dashboards will offer real-time insights into system performance and user engagement. These metrics will empower you to make data-driven decisions, helping you adapt to new challenges and actively shape your digital enterprise environment. 
  • Click and Deploy: Deployment can be a time-consuming process. That’s about to change. Our forthcoming click-and-deploy feature will streamline the setup of all your LiveTiles products. In just a few clicks, you’ll achieve a consistent and robust setup, saving time and effort.

What’s Next? 

The initial release in October includes consultation documentation, intranet web parts download, and navigation configurations. Upcoming releases will offer even more, like IXP configuration and intranet branding, to provide you with an all-inclusive management solution.  

If you’re interested in experiencing how the Operations Center can transform your administrative workflows, schedule a demo today. Let’s embark on the journey toward operational excellence together. 


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