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As the world’s most used provider of online business credit reports, Creditsafe has changed the way business information is used worldwide through their passion and drive to deliver superior business data.

Financial Services

The Challenge

A globally dispersed workforce, many working from home. Several attempts at employee communications, but top-down comms, lack of feedback opportunities and a regularly changing format meant low adoption.

The Solution

A smart, vibrant deployment that was in the employee’s language, spanned topics from fun to serious and is available on mobile or desktop.

The Result

Fast deployment and distribution. Immediate response was very high, with easier feedback leading to much higher engagement.

The Challenge

Culture and employees

Talk to people at Creditsafe, from CEO Cato Syversen down, and you quickly realise the central importance of culture. Culture, as management guru Peter Drucker famously said, eats Strategy for Breakfast. That’s not to diminish the importance of strategy, but to say that a strong culture provides a more resilient path to success. Creditsafe, founded in Oslo and now headquartered in Cardiff, has embraced the importance of culture and communications as it has grown to 23 offices in 13 countries.

The Solution

The Firestarter

Cato Syversen says they’ve been “trying to get internal communications right for twenty years.” Creditsafe’s journey has taken them through mass emails to weekly PDFs and ‘lifestyle-esque’ newsletters. Apart from being really time intensive, these static documents could not be translated, and the company had no idea who was reading them, if anyone.

With a dispersed, results-driven workforce operating in many languages, the challenge of including everyone in a productive and attractive exchange of ideas, news and victories is a significant one. How could the new working-from-anywhere environment recreate the buzz and vitality of the company’s physical sales floors?

“Bringing it all together” was the mantra for the technology and marketing team members who drove the search for a robust communications platform – a search given high priority and a short deadline with offices shuttered and staff working remotely.

“The pandemic was the Firestarter that accelerated our journey,” according to Syversen. And accelerated it indeed was, with LiveTiles chosen towards the end of 2020 and immediately deployed.

The initial rollout is called Creditsafe Newsdesk, a 24/7 feed of news, information – including some offbeat, fun and quirky content. “We wanted Newsdesk to be great for business and great for fun,” said David O’Reilly, head of group marketing, “And that includes livestreaming Cato’s DJ nights!” A CEO with a stuffed raven on his desk cannot take himself too seriously and Syversen is keen to make Newsdesk the go-to place for his 1000-plus staff, a hub for celebrating and expanding on the cultural backbone of Creditsafe.

I realised that communication was a core component of this, so we looked for a platform that would not only integrate with our existing kit (the last thing we needed was another development project!) but would also take communications to the next level. LiveTiles was a great choice for us.

The Result

Content Management turbocharged

David O’Reilly’s marketing team at head office is handling the initial feeding and populating of the Newsdesk, working closely with the technology team. This group addresses the lifecycle of new articles from various offices, manages workflows and runs the editorial calendar. During the next phase of the project, they hope to expand that team with ‘correspondents’ in other offices and departments to ensure that more voices are heard.

O’Reilly said, “Since we went live in January 2021 we’ve been delighted at how easy it is to get going on managing the content, publishing it and running analytics on it so we can see what’s popular. As we expand the ‘virtual’ publishing team, we can still maintain content control through regions and regulations such as GDPR.”

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