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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles


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The benefits a buddy can bring to a business.

Financial Services
Global, Oceania

The Challenge

Thousands of young accounting graduates contact BDO every year to learn about the company’s recruitment programs, and with the flood of applications and queries the human resourcing team becomes uncomfortably stretched.

The Solution

By mapping out the wide range of student queries, LiveTiles built a powerful Bot from the LiveTiles Bot Assistants, that handles questions from people all over the world, at any time of day or night, and offers the company profound insight into its recruitment process.

The Result

BDO now has a clever and friendly Bot – called Buddy – built from LiveTiles Bots, which fields queries and frees up the human resources team to untangle more complex problems, relieving them from an eye-watering backlog.

The Challenge

Handle the flow…

With graduate, vocational and cadet opportunities for students, BDO is one of the most sought after employers in the country and fields thousands of queries, comments and interactions per year.

But staff found the bulk of questions were the same again and again. When do I apply? What vacancies do you have? What should I expect from the interview process?

Dealing with such high volumes of candidates, the team found it difficult to make sure each applicant experience was first-rate, and accurately reflected the company’s values and brand.

The Solution

With powerful, yet friendly solutions…

By mapping the recurring queries and developing flexible intelligence, LiveTiles customized and built a chatbot that alleviates the stress that comes with floods of student queries.

With a friendly, open tone and a profound, wide-ranging database, the chatbot empowers staff to turn their minds to novel problems, while maintaining a positive, responsive relationship with the prospective student.\

Capable of deployment to multiple channels – like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, webpages – LiveTiles Bots are centrally managed and easily modified to match the changing needs of the organisation.

Our LiveTiles chatbot has not only given our teams back their time, it’s allowed us to understand what customers need to know and is a friendly first point of contact for BDO.

The Result

A friendly bot elevates both the brand and productivity…

Available 24/7, BDO’s Buddy the Bot, built with LiveTiles Bots, has produced a 36% reduction in information request administrative overheads, a 28% drop in online enquiry submissions, and a 22% increase in customer satisfaction with the recruitment process.

Using the dashboard of chat log analysis, the BDO team can train Buddy the Bot to answer questions in a ‘smarter’ way, so it captures sentiment of the user response and determines the most commonly asked questions.

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