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Four major reasons technology is the key to a great employee experience

Communicating with staff in a way that resonates is tough at the best of times, and the pandemic has highlighted how much companies need to do in this space.

“As enterprises get larger, this problem tends to magnify, and the importance of effective engagement is going to become more and more important,” said LiveTiles Director of Technology Solutions, David Salter.

“I believe effective internal communications is the glue that holds organizations together, not just during business unusual, but during any time of transformation, be that a merger and acquisition, a change in product or service strategy, a change in leadership, or a public health crisis. 

“The focus that we have at LiveTiles is really on encouraging organizations to prioritize a great employee experience platform (EXP),” he said.

“Bringing together disparate apps into a single experience can really make employees’ lives at work simpler.”

Below we outline four ways technology can enable your employee experience (for the better).

Why technology is a key enabler of a great employee experience 

1. Productivity and efficiency

Are there tasks that could be sped up or automated with technology to give staff more time for important work?

2. Staff feel more valued

“It’s just a fact from all the research that has now been very well established over a number of years that people want more than just a pay check from their work,” David said.

“Staff want to feel as though their input is encouraged and considered, and importantly, they just want to be informed around what’s going on in the broader business. That’s where the concept of the employee experience platform as a technology enabler will come into play.”

3. Talent attraction and retention

We all understand the costs of losing a good person and having to go through a lengthy recruitment process.

“There’s all kinds of research that shows companies that have effective engagement of their employees through technology have much greater success with the attraction and retention of talent,” David said.

4. It helps employees do their job well

A great EXP means frontline workers can stay on top of the latest company updates, ensuring your staff appear helpful and knowledgeable to customers.

How do we know this? We’ve seen it in action! LiveTiles recently implemented an EXP platform for a large retailer. Their store managers, who communicate with the store associates, now have an EXP app that allows them to access important compliance policies and protocol related to COVID. They can also easily access the latest retail promotions, which is critical to the customer-facing staff selling on the floor.

“This leads to higher sales, so a great employee experience absolutely impacts customer experience,” David said.

An EXP that supports your staff to stay on task and feel valued as they work, will not only help them to be more productive and happier, you will be able to attract and keep great workers .

Find out more about LiveTiles’ employee experience platform here.

Have questions? Our experts are ready to help you. Get in touch here.

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