Collaborate, communicate, connect.

LiveTiles’ intranet software solutions are purpose-built for global enterprise organizations.

Engage your workforce and unite distributed, hybrid teams. Drive innovation, boost productivity and streamline internal communication.

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Collaborate, communicate, connect.​

LiveTiles’ intranet software solutions are purpose-built for global enterprise organizations.

Engage your workforce and unite distributed, hybrid teams. Drive innovation, boost productivity and streamline internal communication.

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

A better-connected
digital employee experience

In a digital-first workplace, re-connecting teams emotionally means connecting them digitally – whether they work from their homes, your office, or as frontline employees.

LiveTiles intranet software connects people better – but why not see for yourself just how quickly we can transform your digital employee experience? 


LiveTiles Intranet creates a universally branded hub for your workforce to communicate, collaborate, and engage all in one place.

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LiveTiles Intranet

Employee App

LiveTiles Reach is an employee communications app that connects frontline workers with your wider organization on the go.

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LiveTiles Directory empowers growing organizations with an automated active directory that everyone can use.

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LiveTiles Directory

Intranet software, transformed

Built on Microsoft SharePoint, LiveTiles Intranet integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and empowers your employees with experience-changing features.

Everything your intranet needs

Secure file storage with matrix navigation, an internal social network, productivity, HR & self-service tools and limitless integration.

Tailored, secure and custom-built

Completely branded with a deeply personalized interface for ultimate SharePoint Intranet customization, backed by robust reporting and governance.

Empowered with AI

Ever-evolving with AI integration and regular updates, discover how LiveTiles Intranet can provide a future-proof digital employee experience.

Internal communications for
frontline employees

For mobile-first teams, LiveTiles Reach is a fully-branded hub connecting them to everything they need to work in sync with the rest of your organization. 

Make internal comms count

Send and receive instant communications with frontline staff, respond rapidly to crises, put sales or policy documents at their fingertips.

Accessible on any device

Connect with frontline employees on any device and extend communications to external parties like contractors and vendors.

For hybrid workforces

Secure, multi-channel internal communication for all employees, anywhere, accessible via an engaging app.

Connect everyone in your evolving
digital workplace

An organizational chart at your fingertips. LiveTiles Directory continuously validates profile data, seamlessly integrates with SharePoint & Microsoft 365 and offers real-time search capabilities.

Compliance, consistency, and competitiveness

Streamline employee data management and revolutionize your directory experience on desktop and mobile, from any location.

Stay in control

Effortlessly update profiles and contact details from anywhere with robust data protection and security.

Strict governance

Ensure profile information is always up-to-date and accurate with automated processes that collect and validate employee information.

Connect on a deeper level with branding and personalization

Your employees are your internal customers – and consumer-grade branding can turn them into equally strong advocates for your brand as your most loyal customers.

Make intranet an experience

Branding and customizability is at the heart of LiveTiles’ Intranet software: from a custom UI experience to a completely branded employee app.

Personalize your content

Combined with deeply personalized content targeting, our intranet solutions provide the most relevant and immersive digital workplace for every individual employee to connect with.

Intranet Branding & Personalization
LiveTiles Intranet Solution Security & Privacy

Secure, dependable intranet software solutions

Hybrid, digital-first and globally agile: what has made international organizations successful also makes them high-value targets for cybercriminals. Staying compliant and minimizing your risk exposure is a meticulous job. LiveTiles’ intranet software solutions have you covered.

Secure storage

Seamless data storage in Azure data centers, Okta authentication, audit-ready governance management and GDPR-compliant European hosting.

Certified zero-trust approach

Your zero-trust security approach can rely on LiveTiles’ ISO27001:2013 certification: it represents our enduring commitment to best-in-class info security management.

Accessibility: at the heart of inclusive digital workplaces

An intranet needs to include every employee everywhere, no matter how or where they work. Accessibility isn’t optional – for inclusive organizations, it’s essential. 

Perceivable, understandable and operable

LiveTiles solutions are built in accordance with evolving WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines – ensuring that every feature that transforms the employee experience transforms every employee’s experience.

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Unleash your team’s potential

for It Professionals

Equip your global, growing enterprise with highly customizable digital workplace tools that unite distributed, hybrid organizations. Connect, collaborate, communicate and engage with your people in a more personal way. 

Streamline communication and collaboration by combining Microsoft SharePoint’s capabilities with versatile intranet software solutions from LiveTiles. Benefit from a secure, integrated and flexible platform that grows with you.

Transform employee engagement and build a strong culture that connects business, brand and people. Share important information, such as onboarding documents, company announcements and training resources, and empower your digital employee experience with our easy-to-use platform and features.

Engage your team regardless of location or device. Use our intuitive analytics dashboard to refine your internal communication strategy and foster engagement. Remove organizational and comminication barriers and bridge gaps to include the entire workforce.

Don’t just take it from us

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