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Personalize Your Digital Workspace with LiveTiles

Establish a unified brand identity across your digital workplace with LiveTiles. Our platform offers consumer-grade experiences for desktop and mobile, ensuring that your organization’s unique brand identity resonates with your employees and customers.

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally

Transform Your Workspace

LiveTiles provides a comprehensive set of tools to personalize your digital environment. From customizable global navigation to advanced audience targeting, we make customization effortless and aligned with your company and brand’s vision.

Branding: Logos, Favicons, and Custom Themes

Make your intranet truly your own with seamless branding without the need for custom CSS. Upload your company logo, favicon, and choose from custom themes tailored for SharePoint, Teams, and mobile devices. Experience a consumer-grade user interface that reflects your organization’s unique brand identity.

Language Support and Content Targeting

Support 90+ language options to ensure seamless communication across borders. Utilize advanced content targeting to deliver specific information based on departments, roles, locations, or other dimensions. Improve efficiency and ensure that the right people receive the right information.

Personalized Workspace and Extranet Solutions

Allow employees to define the apps and tools they need most often. Provide full support for private app store deployments to iOS and Android stores through our branded app. Communicate your brand values beyond the intranet to suppliers, partners, and more with our extranet solution.

Why customize your workspace with LiveTiles?

Seamless Brand Integration

Align your digital workspace with your brand’s identity. From logos to color schemes, create a unique and cohesive experience.

WCAG Compliant Color Selection

Ensure an inclusive digital environment with LiveTiles’ adherence to WCAG standards. Our built-in contrast checker helps you select accessible color schemes.

Content Creation & Targeting

Bring manuals, policies, and guidelines to life. Easily manage and distribute content to the right audience.

Flexible Customization Options

From custom URLs to personalized login links, LiveTiles offers a wide range of customization options to fit your specific needs.

Seamless Integration

Integrate effortlessly with 300+ business applications to boost productivity and collaboration.

Trusted Globally

Join the 1000+ enterprises globally that trust LiveTiles to connect their workforce with our flexible, scalable intranet solution.

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