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How to share your screen in Microsoft Teams


Digital meetings on Teams let us stay connected and present ideas to others, internally and externally.

Whether you’re helping someone troubleshoot, explaining a feature, or demonstrating a new tool, it’s a lot easier if the other participants can see what’s happening from your side.

Here’s how

  1. To share your screen during a Teams meeting, click the square icon in the toolbar and select the window you want to share.
  2. You can share your entire desktop which will show the other participants exactly what you’re doing even if you switch windows, or you can choose to share just a specific app or browser. 
  3. Once you’re sharing a screen, depending on your organization’s settings, you can also grant remote access to another person on the call, or request access from whoever is currently screen sharing. 
  4. To stop sharing, click the square button in the tool bar and select the “stop sharing” option. 

Learn more

Check out our Tips and Tricks page or visit the LiveTiles Teams Support page.

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