Become Your Own SharePoint Developer: Build An Intranet Outside Of The Box

Your business is anything but standard – so why should your intranet be?

Building an intranet can boost ROI, if it can control the chaos

You can’t get around it anymore – you’ve seen the articles, read the case studies, and know that building an intranet designed for your business and workforce will have a dramatic impact on your productivity and bottom line. Perhaps you’ve settled on SharePoint for creating an intranet site – but for some not already familiar with the platform’s myriad features, building an intranet site from SharePoint out of the box can be a daunting task. Apart from working with out of the box SharePoint, you’ve got to keep in mind intranet integrations from other parts of your existing (and future) tech stack. Sometimes the solution isn’t running to a Sharepoint Developer right away — especially with LiveTiles’ powerful tools to build your intranet site. Thankfully, these tools enable IT teams to evolve a SharePoint intranet in a box into an agile custom intranet and intelligent workplace experience.

LiveTiles in a Box: Building a digital workplace on SharePoint

LiveTiles’ design canvas comes loaded with a library of over 60 preconfigured tiles ready for use. Creating a complex digital workplace on SharePoint that contextualizes the chaos of your far-flung apps and enterprise software—from Power BI to your SharePoint document libraries—becomes simple. For even further intranet integrations, LiveTiles has a powerful Custom tile that enables your IT developers to create unique integrations.

Turn an intranet on SharePoint into an Intelligent Workplace – at low cost and risk

LiveTiles’ low-code, drag and drop tools make creating an intranet from SharePoint out of the box not only faster, but at a lower expense and business risk than custom developing that SharePoint intranet. Your IT team can build and deploy a custom intranet or team collaboration portal atop SharePoint in a matter of days, not months – freeing up their valuable time for more complex and higher-value work that demands their expertise. They can become their own SharePoint developers – building an Intelligent Workplace that best fits the organization’s needs.

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