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LiveTiles Cloud Product Release Notes: Dieter 2.0

This week we have a massive release for LiveTiles Cloud, including a new feature that we know you have been clamoring, for as well as a whole suite of visual changes we have applied to the canvas.

New feature

The new feature is the ability for page designers and admins to save pages in draft mode, rather than the save defaulting to publishing pages straight away. This will let you save and edit pages in draft mode, before making it visible to your environment.


draft mode


1. In addition, we also have a major upgrade to the visual style of the dialog boxes. As you will notice, we have transitioned the dialog modals into cleaner displays to reflect the simplicity of the platform. This includes a cleaner font and a more thought out layout that is consistent with the visual style of existing tiles, allowing the modal windows to be responsive when resized, as well as other small tweaks.

assetpicker 1

2. We have also introduced a new Asset picker to complement these changes as well. This updated style is designed not only look more modern, but also provides an easier and more enriching experience for you when using the Asset picker.

asset picker side panel

We’ve streamlined the upload process by displaying the upload button in the top right area of the Asset picker. In addition, you will be able to view the item in either a list view, which is the default, or an icon view that can be toggled on at the bottom right corner of the panel. You can also get more information about the item by clicking to the right of the item and selecting the info icon.

subsite assetpicker

3. Additionally, you will be able to traverse through separate spaces by clicking in the top right corner, giving you the option to swap scopes to either the space you are in or your tenant.

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