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Tips for More Efficient Workplace Workflow

The digital workplace can feel like both a blessing and a curse. It promises superhuman productivity and seamless collaboration. But it often overwhelms employees with a relentless barrage of notifications and an oversupply of tools. A recent study, conducted by Asana’s Work Innovation Lab in partnership with Amazon Web Services, explored the effect of what they’ve coined the “collaboration cleanse.” Their findings offer valuable insights for leaders seeking to empower their employees amidst the digital chaos.

The Bright Side: Increased Awareness

The “collaboration cleanse” asked participants to reduce their use of collaboration tools and assess the impact on their work efficiency. Those involved reported increased awareness of digital clutter and the subtle cost to productivity of constantly toggling between tools. The data backs this up: according to our LiveTiles Global Employee Experience Pulse Check published in March of last year, “context switching” accounts for 8% of worktime wasted.

The Bad News: Helpless and Exhausted

But the cleanse also revealed some unexpected challenges. Participants experienced feelings of helplessness and exhaustion as they recognized how difficult it was to reduce their tool usage. Many felt constrained by rules, traditions, and workplace power dynamics. The struggle to make changes, combined with external expectations, deepened their frustration. Workplace leaders know that tech stressors like this go beyond personal annoyance. Studies suggest they’re a key driver of increased turnover rates at a time when a war for talent is raging.

Navigating the Digital Deluge: How Modern Intranet Solutions Can Help

Under these trying conditions, a best-in-class intranet is a powerful ally in protecting employee wellbeing and boosting employee retention. Instead of forcing them to navigate a labyrinth of platforms, this solution is designed to meet employees where they are. The modern intranet consolidates all collaboration tools within a single central hub. It eliminates the need to hop between applications, minimizes window clutter, and renders the search for elusive tabs or links a thing of the past.

Personalization is equally vital in the information-inundated digital workplace. There’s nothing more irritating than being interrupted by a notification, only to discover it’s irrelevant to you. An innovative intranet solution provides tailored experiences for each employee, delivering information pertinent to individual needs, reducing information overload, and driving user engagement.

Intranets Unleashed: Success Stories in Intranet Evolution

Corporations are responding to the demands indicated by Asana’s study. Manufacturer Victorinox recently revamped its intranet in partnership with LiveTiles. The result? A remarkable 14-fold increase in information consumption from 2021 to 2022. Deakin University, one of Australia’s leading universities, also harnessed the power of LiveTiles Intranet. The organization achieved a 106% increase in digital effectiveness by consolidating all essential job-related information in one coherent location.

From Foe to Friend: Intranet’s Role in Nurturing A Tech-Savvy Workplace

When technology turns from an adversary to an ally, it can be instrumental in cultivating a culture of mindfulness around tech habits within the organization. A cutting-edge intranet solution provides extensive content creation tools, empowering employees to share their insights from the frontline of the digital workplace. This ease of creation and dissemination, even on the go, can play a pivotal role in amplifying the employee voice to foster awareness around healthy tool usage.

A Quieter Future: Empowering Employees in the Age of Remote Work

Ping! In the digital workplace, the constant stream of notifications and the threat of information overload pose significant challenges to employee wellbeing. However, by streamlining employee experience, today’s leaders can empower their teams not only to stay afloat but to flourish in the ever-evolving digital landscape. An innovative intranet means users spend less time navigating the system and more time focused on the tasks that matter. Once we dial down the noise, perhaps the digital workplace can finally deliver on its promise to make work easier for everyone. Imagine that.

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This blog post was inspired by an article published in the Harvard Business Review. Read it here.