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LiveTiles Reach Update Feature

LiveTiles Reach Update: Optimized Governance, Web Parts, Integrations and More

Zack Alami

As we promise to improve our service and help you better manage and control your digital world, we will continue to introduce new features and enhancements. The year 2023 is bringing some exciting updates as we constantly strive to improve our service and offerings.

From optimizing governance, external applications, and plugin integration—there are lots of exciting new things happening and we’ve put together a list of just some of these changes below. 

What’s new?

Manage Group assignments at all hierarchical levels of your Pages 

There have been requests for more sophisticated governance requirements, where Authors must break inheritance rules and restrict sub-pages to a portion of the designated groups. 

With the help of this new functionality, various audiences can view various pieces of content within a shared and standardized navigation framework for Pages. More precise permission trimming may now be done at every level of the page hierarchy— thanks to the expanded permission assignment options available in the Pages module.

Before this change, Authors could only assign one or more groups to root pages, and all sub-pages inherited this assignment. 

Now, with this new functionality, page group inheritance from a parent page to its child pages can be broken, and the groups assigned to the child pages can be restricted to a subset of the groups assigned to the parent page. Please note, that this new functionality is behind a feature flag, which is disabled by default. 

Integrate Posts and comments in external applications 

Reach lets you register webhooks from other apps and platforms, which are then called when certain events happen in Reach. This means that data created in Reach can be used right away in other programs. So that posts and comments can work together, we’ve added the ability to register webhooks for these types of content and their events. 

One interesting way to use these webhooks would be in an automated moderation system for posts and comments. This system would use artificial intelligence (AI) to check posts for inappropriate content and take the appropriate actions, like sending such posts to a moderator for review.  

Reveal more about the news article 

The plugin framework enables customers and partners to extend Reach’s functionality. We expanded the plugin framework with extra integration points to meet a specific customer requirement. 

With this change, a component for the assignment of settings on the news article can now be integrated into the news editor’s footer section. Another plugin integration point has been added to the news card, which is visible in the news overview. 

You can learn more about the new integration points in the Reach Plugin Developer documentation: https://developers.reach.livetiles.io/plugins/ 

The web part family is expanding

The Reach Web Part family recently gained another web part. Pages, the final missing content type, may now be read and modified in SharePoint Online through a special Web Part. With the addition of a new component, Reach may now be integrated into SharePoint Online without any issues.

The Pages Web Part is included in the most recent Reach SharePoint app package. The package, installation guide, and web component documentation are provided here: https://docs.hub.livetiles.io/docs/en/hub/reach_pages_webpart/ 

What’s improved? 

Simple and reliable ways to stay up to date 

Reach’s usage is heavily dependent on user engagement and communication. Users must be able to follow content and topics that interest them and that they require for their daily work for this to function properly. We’ve made it easier for users to follow content and activate notifications for newly added and updated content in a new version. 

Grid cards have become more compact

The Grid component in the Reach UI Component Library allows for presenting Reach content as cards, giving users an overview of the content. Reach Web Parts are leveraging the Grid component to provide content aggregation views through the cards template option. 

However, the original design of the cards had excessive empty space and took up too much space on the page. We’ve addressed this issue by reworking the card layout and optimizing space usage, resulting in a more compact design that makes better use of space. 

All of these updates are designed to make LiveTiles even more powerful and user-friendly, providing organisations with the tools they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. So, get ready to explore all of LiveTiles’ new improvements in 2023 and beyond! 

As part of our dedication to providing the best employee experience possible, you should keep an eye out for a completely new analytics experience, right-to-left language support, and the UX Refresh project in the upcoming months.