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Rand 1.0 Product Release Notes, Sept. 14, 2016

We’re excited to share two major new features in this week’s Rand 1.0 product release: Wireframe Mode and our new Calendar tile.

In true design fashion, Wireframe Mode allows you to view a low-fi representation of a page, wherein the page content is displayed as greyscale sketches. This is especially useful for demos and prototypes, so attention is kept away from details such as color, font, images, etc. in the early stages of development. Once you’re ready to present the high-fi version of the page, just toggle Wireframe Mode off. Can it get easier than that?

Our new Calendar tile is another addition to organize and simplify your daily work grind. It surfaces SharePoint Event lists in a modern calendar display for easy viewing, or you can keep it in a list view as well.

For details on Wireframe Mode and the Calendar tile, continue on below, where you’ll also find the descriptions of two crushed bugs (we’re not sorry).

New feature: Wireframe Mode

We at LiveTiles believe that prototyping your designs and receiving collaborative feedback is one of the most important steps when designing new pages. As such, we are introducing an exciting new feature called Wireframe Mode.

What is Wireframe Mode?

Wireframe Mode allows you to create sketch style prototype versions of your page without needing to worry about colors, fonts and specific design features which can slow down the development process. It enables you to focus on the core page features and layout.

How does it work?

To turn on Wireframe Mode, you need to go into the page settings. At the bottom of the dialog window, you have the option to turn on Wireframe Mode. In addition, you have the choice to turn on the ability for the page to be interacted with from the end user view.

Once the Wireframe Mode option has been turned on, you will see the Wireframe Mode button on the design canvas. This button allows you to toggle between a low fidelity presentation of the page (Wireframe Mode) and the high fidelity display. When Wireframe Mode is turned on, the tiles become transparent, the font is changed to a sketch style font, images become grayscale (see limitation below) and the borders will be skewed giving the entire canvas a hand drawn style.

Once you build out your page in wireframe mode and save it, you can send the page URL to people for review. If you turn on the ability for end users to be able to toggle Wireframe Mode on and off, they will be able to view the high fidelity version of the page as well. However, if this setting is not enabled, users will not be able to toggle between the settings with the shared URL.

Once users have agreed on a layout, you can then turn off Wireframe mode on your page through the page settings, allowing you work on the page in full fidelity.


Currently, wireframe mode works on all browsers supported by LiveTiles Design. However, for the optimal experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. In Edge, the images will not have the greyscale filter applied due to current browser limitations.

New feature: Calendar tile

One of our most requested tiles from the LiveTiles community is a new Calendar tile. As such, we are proud to deliver a new tile that provides a modern calendar and list view of your SharePoint Event lists.

The tile has been designed to show your future events as well as up to three months’ worth of past events. In addition, you can swap to a list style view (the icon in the top right corner), giving you a list of all your upcoming events.

You’ll can find the Calendar tile under the Lists tile ribbon category.

• In our QA process we tested an event per day for up to three years.
• There is a current limitation with the tile’s support for recurring events.

Bug fixes

Responsive horizontal scrolling fix There is now an option under Page Settings to apply fixed horizontal padding. This addresses an issue with horizontal scrolling being present on responsive pages. Please note: this change will change the page slightly for existing responsive pages. As such, the setting is not automatically applied to existing pages. It will be turned on automatically for newly created pages but can be turned off if desired.
Striped style in the My List tile cuts off list in nested row when hide upload icon is chosen We have fixed an issue on the responsive canvas, wherein hiding the upload icon and choosing a striped style cuts off the last item of a list in the My List tile in a nested row.

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