Three intelligent transformation tools for your business

Microsoft Ignite is happening next week, and we’re excited to be there! We’ll be talking about the next step in the information revolution – the intelligent workplace.

The phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’ has been around since the 1930s, but it’s something we’ve taken to heart here at LiveTiles. So much so, that even our workplaces are intelligent now!

The intelligent workplace, as we see it, is the natural progression from the digital workplace. It allows us to work more efficiently and creatively and progress into a realm of genuine ideation, instead of just mindlessly trudging through our daily tasks.

This is done through the infusion of simple artificial intelligence, usage analytics, and informed design iteration into our online work environments.


Three intelligent transformation tools for your business

We’ve built our intelligent workplace platform using a combination of three elements. These are LiveTiles Design, Bots, and Intelligence. Here’s a bit of a breakdown:

LiveTiles Design is the foundation of our intelligent workplace. Instead of jumping between a bunch of disparate apps and sites in order to do your work, Design allows you to pull all your tools together in one mobile-friendly interface, making your workspace more efficient and easier to navigate.


Three intelligent transformation tools for your business

(above) LiveTiles Design-built Human Resources Portal


LiveTiles Intelligence takes the design platform to the next level. Gone of the days of ‘close enough is good enough’ when it comes to our collaborative workspaces.

Intelligence provides ongoing usage analytics and feedback that designers can use to inform their redesign choices. This means that the intelligent workplace can evolve to be precisely what users need it to be, instead of collecting a bunch of stale, redundant pages that no-one uses.


Three intelligent transformation tools for your business

(above) LiveTiles site wide Intelligence Visitor Overview dashboard


To truly have an intelligent workplace, though, you need one that will learn how to work with you. That’s where our bots come in.

Essentially, LiveTiles Bots will be your digital personal assistants that can help you with a wide range of repeatable, mundane tasks. This gives you more time to concentrate on the tasks that need genuine human cognition to complete.



Three intelligent transformation tools for your business

(above) LiveTiles Bots’ ability selection menu


Don’t be daunted though – the UI of our bot design platform makes it simple to update your helpers, meaning that they can evolve at the pace your workplace requires.

Through a combination of these components, you can create a dynamic and engaging workplace that has the capacity to grow and change to meet all your user needs.


Catch LiveTiles and Hyperfish at Microsoft Ignite

From Monday September 24th to Thursday September 28th, you can find out more about our intelligent workplace at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida.

If you’re also attending the event, come visit our team at booth #1506, or catch one of our thought-provoking speaking sessions:


CoBots applied: An inside look at enterprise use cases for collaborative chat bots

Dennis Helms, Innovation and Experience Lead

Partner Theatre Presentation, Expo Theater #4

Monday, September 24th from 2:50 – 3:10pm


CoBots Defined: Delivering collaborative chat bots for the enterprise

Erik Ralston, Chief Architect and Pieter van Aarde, Senior Product Manager

Partner-Led Breakout Session, Room CCC W303

Thursday, September 27th from 2:15 – 3:30pm


Building a start-up on Azure with CI/CD, containers, and Kubernetes, without the explosive ops overhead

Chris Johnson, Co-Founder and CTO of Hyperfish

Breakout Session, Room OCCC W331

Thursday, September 27th from 12:30 – 1:45pm


Not only will we be there with wise words and brilliant bots, but we’ll be taking our giveaway prizes to a new dimension. The third dimension, to be precise!

Each day of the event, we’ll be giving away a 3D printer! Stay tuned to our blog or social channels to find out how you can enter to win!

Come and see us at Ignite to talk more about how you can bring the intelligent workplace into your company. Even if you can’t make it, request your own LiveTiles demo here.

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