5 Tech Resolutions for Your Business in 2019

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Your new year’s tech resolutions are only as good as your daily habits. Stop talking about implementing change in your business and start doing it. Every year, companies struggle to prioritize and refresh their workplace technology. This lack of action negatively impacts your team’s productivity, collaboration and employee engagement. This is because companies aren’t setting smart goals to achieve intelligent transformation.

This is your year, and we are here to support you. We have highlighted 5 tech resolutions you must introduce in 2019 to future-proof your business. Our suite of Intelligent Workplace technology will help you achieve these critical future proof resolutions, by helping you create a collaboration platform that will support and evolve with your workplace needs.

Resolution 1: Automate Mundane Tasks with Customizable Bots

5 Tech Resolutions for Your Business in 2019

According to PwC, AI will contribute $15.7tr to the global economy by 2030, boosting productivity of the workforce. Is your business ready? We’ve empowered some of the world’s largest organizations like Michael Hill Jewelers to easily build bots that automate mundane and repetitive tasks in their business. Watch the video below to learn more about Michael Hill’s transformation and see how you achieve the same for your organization.

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Resolution 2: Improve ROI with Fact-Based Decisions

5 Tech Resolutions for Your Business in 2019

Giving your intranet users what they want doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Real time data and analytics will enable you to understand how your users are engaging with your site’s pages. Stop making intranet decisions based on fiction, start making improvements based on fact with LiveTiles Intelligence. By using real-time data and analytics that measure engagement, you can consistently modify your site’s pages, giving your teams the best possible user experience, while also saving you time and money.

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Resolution 3: Know What the People in Your Business Do

5 Tech Resolutions for Your Business in 2019

Over 80% of company directories are missing the core information of their people to make collaboration successful. LiveTiles and Hyperfish can help you understand what’s missing or incorrect from your profile directories, and collect and validate employee data to keep information up to date. Sign up for a free trial of Hyperfish Lite to learn how you can build better profiles to know what the people in your business do.

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Resolution 4: Stay Secure While Sharing Information In and Out of Your Business

Operating in the digital era requires the fine balancing act of freely sharing information in and out of a business, while also maintaining a security and compliance posture. Read the article below to learn how you can adopt a data-centric security strategy that adjusts as the data and user risk profile changes.

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Resolution 5: Give Your Communication Strategy Traction

5 Tech Resolutions for Your Business in 2019

Every good communication strategy must have an even better tech strategy. This is what Cassandra Thurston, Head of Global Communications for our customer Michael Hill Jewelers, learned after she was given the task to transform Michael Hill’s internal and external communication channels. As a non-technical business leader, Cassandra understood how critical the deployment of the right workplace technology would be in supporting the company with their broader business objectives. Leveraging SharePoint and LiveTiles, Cassandra implemented a centralized Intelligent Workplace Communication Hub that has changed the way Michael Hill’s 300 stores access resources, company news and business applications. You can watch a recording of our webinar with Cassandra to learn how to similarly position your business for success.

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