The best asset management system for your production design team

Every year at the Academy Awards, an Oscar is given to the creative artist responsible for the Best Production Design. An industry term, perhaps, but it refers to the overall look of a production, what some would call the mise-en-scène. These awards are certainly nice for the individuals who receive them, but it’s important to remember that an entire team of people, often behind the scenes, are responsible for the production design.

Indeed, a production design team must be a well-oiled machine to make it to the Academy Awards. Talent and creativity are important, but even more important is organization. A necessity for any production design team is an effective asset management system. With so much to keep track of, from camera equipment to photographers to props, a disorganized, mismanaged system can make the whole thing come crashing down.

The best asset management system for your production design team


LiveTiles Design is the simplest asset management system for SMBs like production design firms. Sitting on top of SharePoint, LiveTiles Design’s intuitive UI design can be used to create a digital workplace that allows your production design team to keep all of its important resources in check.

One of the main benefits of the digital workplace is organization, which is especially helpful when it comes to asset management. As the screen shot below shows, LiveTiles Design provides a digital location for your production design team to easily manage its assets, as you can conveniently place all relevant resources onto a single page. Want to know which photographer is available? Click on the “Photographers” button to see the photographer schedule. Want to see where next week’s shoot is? Click on the “Locations” button for directions.

The best asset management system for your production design teamYour LiveTiles Digital Workplace

As those who work in the industry know, productions can be hectic. Important decisions can often be made at the last minute, and crises can arise without a warning. What happens if a photographer drops out of an important shoot, a piece of equipment is damaged or an important prop suddenly goes missing? Whatever the emergency, the cloud-based digital workplace helps your production design team think on its toes.

Your production design team can use mobile devices to access important information in a pinch by simply logging into the digital workplace from wherever team members happen to be. In other words, the LiveTiles intelligent workplace offers asset management on the go.

It’s easy to take asset management for granted, but just think about the importance of time. We all know how long it takes to plan for important shoots, not to mention the many shoots that go over schedule during filming. An intelligent workplace can save your production design team a significant amount of time during each production stage by simply giving team members instant access to valuable information. This access eliminates time-wasting work that is necessary but inconvenient.

A meticulously organized asset management system is the key to staying on schedule and budget, and LiveTiles provides the digital solution to make this happen.

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