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LiveTiles EXP:

A Digital Revolution for Frontline Employees in Manufacturing

Frontline manufacturing workers who are often on their feet all day need quick access to relevant information. An efficient and easy-to-use communication system helps teams in the frontlines feel more engaged and empowered to make a change.

It's a digital world. Get in or get left behind.

LiveTiles Directory is an all-in-one digital information tool that helps you connect with other members of your organization. LiveTiles Directory gives you quick access to up-to-date employee information such as organizational role, contact details, skills, and certifications.

Engage frontline employees

Reach your people with timely, engaging content with a modern experience.

Personalize content

Get user-generated content that will spark conversation and connection.

Centralize knowledge

Bring knowledge to staff anywhere by hosting manuals, guidelines, policies, and other key information centrality.

Rekindle culture

Rally your people around global events, training, and town halls.


Have secure 1 to 1 and group conversations. Connect with colleagues, experts, and contacts in the people directory

Action your insights

Refine and enhance your content based on detailed insights and user behavior

Manufacturing going digital means manufacturing companies must find better ways to keep their frontline workers engaged. At the same time, new skills in technology such as employee skills in engineering and employee data science are now needed from frontline workers.

Keep your company relevant in today’s economy through high-tech manufacturing.

By the year


Frontline manufacturing workers’ ability to teach or work alongside robots and AI will become the most valued component of their skill base, according to The Conversation.


of frontline manufacturing workers in the US, Germany, France, Spain, and the UK say they would leave their current firm for a more modern digital workplace.

Leverage the digitalization of manufacturing to increase employee engagement

LiveTiles EXP is a digital mobile app that enables frontline employees to enjoy the advantage of going digital through streamlined processes and better connectivity.

This internal employee hub helps frontline manufacturing workers connect with peers and managers through an app that is available across multiple devices simultaneously.

Join other manufacturing companies that foster employee engagement and inclusiveness through LiveTiles EXP.

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