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Braque 2.0 Product Release Notes, Feb. 1, 2017

This week’s release brings us a couple usability improvements and more bug fixes, while we keep working away on the big, anticipated new features such as analytics on page usage.

For more info on upcoming features in the current cycle—because we all like knowing what to look forward to—scope out our external Product Roadmap. Otherwise, read on down.

Usability Improvements

Add dynamic height to Code Snippet tile. On the responsive canvas, you now have the option to turn on Dynamic height for the Code Snippet tile. This will set the tile to increase in size based on the amount of content that is in the tile.
News List Tile – Add size options We have introduced the ability to change the height on the News List tile. You will now be able to set the pixel height of the image, allowing to configure the News List tile even further.

Bug Fixes

Users should not be able to give integrations of the same service the same name You are now unable to give an integration the same name as another using the same service.
Email and Meetings tile – Grayscale not working for Wireframe mode The Email and Meetings tiles now appear in grayscale when Wireframe mode is enabled.
Email and Meetings tile with side menu – Side menu disappears when mail or meeting item is clicked The side menu now remains visible when mail or meeting items have been clicked.
Change default for News and Card Slider tiles to LiveTiles list page Currently the News and Card Slider tiles do not default to the LiveTiles list page. This has been changed to default to the LiveTiles list page.


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