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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

European Airline Company

Internal communications, on the fly.

Global, Europe

The Challenge

With staff flying all over Europe, staying in touch was very difficult.

The Solution

LiveTiles Reach, a centralised source of news that could be accessed on-the-go by all employees.

The Result

An app that not only delivers the news, but helps to build a positive workplace culture.

The Challenge

People in the air and on the ground

With very a diverse workforce covering pilots, maintenance and back office employees spread across multiple base-airports, a one size fits all approach was always going to be difficult. To add further complexity to the situation, the workforce was also highly mobile, both on the ground and in the air.

Real-time updates was the goal, but delivering that to so many different stakeholders, on many different devices, was a big challenge.

The Solution

Updates on the go

The new staff communication app was built with LiveTiles Reach. It provides employees with important company updates, as it happens.

Changes to flight plans, updated guest information, weather warnings and company updates are all delivered to everybody’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. The message is posted once, and it’s immediately in everyone’s hands.

As a successful, medium-sized airline company, sustainable communication is more than just an important basis for our cooperation.

The Result

A connected workforce

The lightweight, mobile, and easy to use LiveTiles Reach solution has not only improved communications within the company, but also had a positive impact on corporate culture and customer service.

Not only are employees are up to date on all of the important company information, but they are also starting to share information about themselves and their roles, and really getting to know each other.

In our daily work with helicopters, safety and the associated communication are of the highest importance. We use LiveTiles Reach to communicate internal information, news and interesting facts easily to all departments and employees. As the ‘digital blackboard’ of our company we have a high-quality and modern tool with app connection.

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